Yet Another Blabber of Today's Experience

For the first time I am thankful for being a customer of BNI. BNI (formerly BNI46) is a bank full of difficulties. First, not all store can use the BNI debit card and I am againsts any credit card -- that's why I can't purchase anything from internet. Second, I have the difficulty to find nearest BNI ATM. Thank God's that BNI have put their ATM machine near after all this time I have to use Mandiri's ATM.

Anyway, with BNI card I can have 30% cut for entering Dufan (Dunia Fantasy), a theme park in Jakarta. With today's rate of Rp 100.000,00, that cut is very significant considering of the member we have.

I don't like to go to Dufan. I don't like have a concept of vacation with a half hour to two hours lining up just to get two to 10 minutes show. But, for the fairness in democracy, so be it. I have suggested to have the vacation to Ancol and all of them can have whatever they want and I can bring my pillow and my air bed to go to sleep in the beach.

As I see in Dufan, I can see many attractive girls in Dufan and having conclusion that today's generation have shape up. So, may be there would be a time when those attractive girls are common, boys would like to see each other or see unpopular looking girl as a gorgeous. Anyway, many people wearing sun glasses.

I can see people with ideal body make up each other. But, I can see the non-trivial face with an attractive girl. This is a relieving truth that ugly guys can get hot chicks. Well, this is good for motivating a friend. [for instance, YOU, my reader. :D]

Hmm... to be a teenager conselor is very tough. I must exercise my experience while their social relationship have evolved in a par. I have to catch up with them. Well, I'd like to share some problems that they are facing.

First, I will never understand how would today's highschool passing grade (minimum grade) is average of 9.0 in national exams (EBTANAS). WTF? Even I only have 7.x (almost 8) average. What's the matter with today's Indonesian education?

I can cheer them to be proud of not being a cheater and it will pay up in the National Exam to enter universities. But, what if the system change and people can cheat like today's national exam?

I don't believe a passing grade of 9.0 is a pure one. I mean, either the examiner smoking crack and put their sleeves in their eyes or the people that write the exam was on a high.

Bored. AFK too long make me bored and I have a dizzy headache. Well, gotta get sleeping.


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