Let's Take The Step Together

I am not a type of person whom babbling and yet keep on without doing things. Some of you may know me as a person with a bad mouth. Yeah, sometimes because of my past environment in not so good environment (you may say harsh), making some of my language has explicit content. But, I learnt, as we may talk harsh, we meant none of the harsh thing. Moreover, we may have strong words and letting all words go unfilter just to provoke the person to do the best.

When Kang Onno was interviewed about Gates coming in this nation, yeah yet another ignorance of Indonesian people about the fact that pure open source activist is NOT compatible with M$, he told them that what Gates promise is already can be achieved by free software. There is an alternative, but nobody in general know that.

When I say this nation is suck and I hate this nation of its ignorance, it felt as a part of desperate of me. I, especially, dislike ICT people of Indonesia unwillingly playing their role as a model of Indonesian software user. I know that we have an ability to have Microsoft licensed Windows. I know that $400 is a quite price that we, as an average IT, can have. But, what about the schools? What about all the other average Indonesian? Would you consider them as a part of our responsible?

Of course, I'm not the type of a people whom make critics but done nothing. I believe in free/open source software (FOSS) movement as an answer. It is my decision that I would go to choose to maintain Kambing as my vision. I'm happy that my associates too have the same care about Kambing and that now so many people join the band of FOSS movement. I believe that as a community we could push forward. Don't you think so, Feha? [Kudos for his bold movement to move to Depkominfo and taking a strong role there in FOSS movement, of course with other people as a team.]

As I am the believer of chaos theorem, that a single particle can change the flux move out, I believe you could do the same.

So, what am I talking about?

Would you consider of using GNU/Linux? At least, taking it as a secondary operating system (OS). If many ICT practician would do GNU/Linux way, they can contribute to this nation. I know there is a steep learning curve consider of the way M$ Windoze and GNU/Linux have different paradigm. But, it's a fun thing to do to achieve.


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