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This is an old unpublished article. Since the election already over, I'd like to publish this. Considering my friend is already cooled down and the issues was resolved with the capture of Ahok.

A friend of mine wrote this at his Facebook status:

Roughly he said:
"So, more non-Muslim friends feels like they understand more about Islam. We, the Muslims, have to ask our Imam, and [you] need to know that not every imam dare to interpret, [we] even need to ask to imam that have more understanding in religion.. How great you are could interpret it on your own.  If someone get pissed, sorry that's my intention, it's better we deepen our own religion instead, and give what best accordingly." This statement made my blood boiled, at first. There were many things I wanted to say about him. Still, I respected him. Instead of writing those complaints on his wall to potentially shaming him, I wrote those here.

First, he used Bible verse freely in the past and judged us Chri…

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