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Perspectives and Fear

Black Panther is an ongoing film with so many things to discuss. People often talks about Black movement et cetera. I find it interesting to dissect the characters, especially the lead and the antagonist.T'ChallaT'Challa was an African descent. Raised in the protective world of Wakanda. As a Wakandan, he was born with the original environment. He would only see every other African tribes as his neighbour.It is natural that he would have a view like the view of a Scotsman would to an Englishman. He would feel distinctive between his five tribes with the Zulu and the Ethiopian. They are not being viewed as brothers, but as neighbors that could possess national threat.For me in Indonesia, it is like Indonesian and Malaysian would feel at each other. Both country would sometimes bring national issue and try to be hostiled at each other.We would feel that we inherit different cultures. The language, national anthem and so on is different. While at it, Indonesian was free from the D…

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