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Ethnicity in Locality

Crazy Rich Asian is an important film for us culturally. At shallow view, it may seems only a generic romantic comedy by a generic director who happens to be an Asian. But, for us to look further, there are new views that not only important to Asian American, but also Indonesian and all the people of the world.

If you watch closely, it also define a problem about one ethnic, Chinese descendants that would culturally different. A Singaporean Chinese, a China Chinese (in diaspora), British Chinese and an American Chinese would have different culture and thought.

The China Chinese, the Grandma, is only capable of talking in Mandarin. She also hold her cultural background tightly. This hold dearly because I experience it myself. As a Bataknese, I also saw the first generation diaspora (my father and his brothers/sisters) hold their Batak tradition tightly.  They even more culturally connected than the people in their origin.

Yes, Bataknese in the North Sumatera hold their culture not as s…

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