I'm not abandoning this site. There are many articles I've written since the last article that still unpublished. The nature of those articles were about rants. The problem is that all of my articles containing comments about religion.

Should I release them all?

I don't want to anger anyone. This site was only here to release my stress. So, I wrote anything in my mind at the moment.

Oh, well, there are 120 articles left unpublished. Still undecided.

I thought since my last post people of the world (UN, ASEAN, etc.) had already progressing against this apartheid schemes. Well, I know that in ASEAN apartheid is not just exclusive to Burma. It is a complicated story that was built upon years of bloodshed and political struggles.

Have a friend or two who work passionately in NGOs and you'll know what I mean. Or, you could be that one friend. I can't disclose any of those apartheid schemes here because it might impact their good works or the people within those government bodies that want to change things up.

Hate is a good tool to improve people's support. It plays well to sooth anxiety in people's heart.  Trump already prove that.

Everyone, including me, is a racist. I too once think of Indian with bad attitude. Their fast talk, their stinking body and how pushy they were to me made my anxiety. Along the way, I met many more good (and great) Indians. Now, I am not even ashamed learning from them.

Assholes are inclusive everywhere, no matter what the skin tone nor the languages.

According to many citizen of Burma stated in Quora, all of those Rohingya was a Bangladeshi. To make it worst, they weren't speaking national language nor singing national anthem. Because of their low education, they are prone to do bad things that in the end made the Burmanese anxious.

Like the article in Quora said, Burma has Kamein that predominantly Islam and living integrated and well in Burma. But, these Rohingya were sought as Bangladeshi illegal migrants. You know how even US feels about immigrants.

There is also a deep political bloodshed that happened in the past that made Burmanese felt deep hatred against them. Because of this also, they mistreated Rohingya people. Two had nurtured hatred over the years and you can't expect them to sit and having a couple cup of tea and everything is rainbow and unicorns.

So, what would be the answer?
  • Educate and naturalized Rohingya people to Burma?
  • Send them back?
Even though Dalai Lama had encourage Aung San Suu Kyi to help the Rohingya, she still reluctantly do so. Her party had the same feeling like the rest of the Burmanese. It would be a political suicide given she just got her freedom back. Besides, Dalai Lama is not the leader of the Buddhism that Burma people took.

Reconsiliation takes years.

Meanwhile, here's some read.
  • http://www.newmandala.org/rohingya-stalemate-tests-myanmar/
  • http://www.mykawartha.com/news-story/6964606-myanmar-says-34-people-killed-after-they-attacked-troops/
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  • https://www.hrw.org/news/2009/11/06/refugees-australia-should-rethink-indonesia-solution
  • http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/14/world/asia/violence-escalates-between-myanmar-forces-and-rohingya.html?_r=0 
  • https://www.hrw.org/reports/2000/malaysia/maybr008-01.htm
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rohingya_people

People were shocked when they found out that Donald Trump was winning the 2016 election. They couldn't believe what was happening. As of this writing, there are still people marching against this.

Many of the US people neglected their right to vote. Considering election day in their country not a holiday, which is ridiculous, I too can't blame them for that. Someone needs to put food on the table.

The most shocked people were the political comedians. You could check their Youtube accounts. Some of them might looked like having trouble to go to sleep. They all are rooting for Democratic candidate, Clinton. Funny, thought, John Oliver admits that he might be suggesting some people to vote for Trump just for fun. Well, you could see how many celebrities reacted.

Why did Trump wins? I don't want to speculate for any conspiracies, but I am interested in knowing how Trump can win elections. This is a blog entry that sums my finding so I think I want to relax my writing by not citing here and there. If you find such, you could google them yourself or ask me in the comment. I might provide the link.

The Electoral College

I'm not an expert of other's complex political system. An article in this site would be more eligible explaining how the election works. In the end, Clinton winning the popular vote, but Trump winning the Electoral College

Electoral College is an interesting and funny concept. Each state has their own number of electors that represented them to vote for the president. The parties is responsible to bring their elector candidates.

Later, the US citizens vote for them. Yeah, they vote not the president, but the electors. Many of the states have the system of winner takes them all. It means, when your party elector got the majority, they would take all of the elector seats available in that particular state.

Conquering The Millenials

Democrat had its luck winning Obama by using Millenials. They had effectively using social media to elevate Obama. Many young US citizens who were eligible come and vote in the election day. They provided mouth-to-mouth campaign and awareness to their surrounding. At that time, Obama even defeated Clinton for presidential candidate using social media.

No Bernie Sanders, No Vote

It seems in 2016, Clinton again stumbled upon social media. When her team used many of the popular celebrities, she failed at one thing:

She did not communicate well why she won over Sanders. The millenials are very fond of Socialism over Capitalism that was offered by Sanders. She did not do justice by winning over him. Some people accused that she won by rigging things up. Some supporters of Bernie Sanders decided not to vote her if she ever winning.

See, a demography that won Obama which have overflowing access of Internet was taking their tantrum quietely for Clinton. Her team seems didn't even consider Sanders as a threat.
They might be not knowing that Sanders is a popular vote for the Millenials. Their polls might represented their contituents, but young voters didn't bother themselves for party.

If I must assumed, they took their data from Democratic conventions, but Sanders was a vote from third kind. A kind of people that don't bother themselves to go to the national conventions. They aren't affiliated with any of the party. This failing of capturing data from this third kind failed Clinton.


Millenials ain't no fool! Why would they vote for Clinton? If there is no better between Trump and Clinton, why would they choose either?

Wikileaks entry about Clinton dropped her popularity. Given that she had already had a big allegation of being a war criminal, she also must take the leak of her personal emails by Wikileaks.

Not enough with Wikileaks, on Friday she got FBI investigation. Because of this, Clinton had another blow to her trustworthy. She became more untrustworthy.

The SBY Effect

In 2004, Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) won Indonesian election by defeating Megawati. His strategy was clear: 

making him a soap opera protagonist.

At that time, he was accused by Megawati neglecting his duty by campaigning while he was in active duty as a Minister. He took that accusation public and made his demeanor like a person that get bullied. Boom! The public sided with him.

I don't have any sites (that not bias) to call about this. But, from what I've been following in the news and his speeches recorded in Youtube, I can see that Donald Trump also making that call. He's positioning himself as a normal person bullied by the mass media and the elites.

Then, like the 2004 Indonesian election when the economy was still recovering, Donald Trump took issues of many middle-class workers (which is the most of US citizens that go to vote) and turned it into his argument that he would tackle those issues, thus "Make America Great Again".

Such issues like:
  • The immigrants was pitched as one of the major cause of job lost.
  • The failing of Obama and the notion that his government only helped the rich (bailout).
  • The war was burdening America and Clinton was part of that.
  • etc.
The point is, they are emotionally representated by Trump. It might be untrue, but they were representated by it. Trump becomes the champion of the marginal people.

My Prediction

From what of my understanding, Trump is almost in bankruptcy. I think his strategy might be similar to SBY. He would try his best to make everyone happy. He would be accomodative to many factions and interest groups while benefitting from that. He'll be glad to be a puppy of others as long as his assets are growing.

Usually, Indonesia mirroring the US. Things happened in the US first and then the pattern happened in Indonesia. But, this time I can assure you that the position is reversed. I feel weirdly proud of that. ;-(

Oh, well....

I sometimes have a hard time when looking to friends who know and have power to do something but only watch. I often asked this my heart,

"why would you let blood spilled when you could stop them from fooling themselves?"

"Why you only watch them, the buzzers, flaunting all the money they got from political play?"

"Why won't you stop them?"

Now, I am in the similar position. And I realize why they just watch these all as if it was only a show. Again, I need to suck my own words back.


Had a case against an ISP that tampering our DNS requests because of a Ministry that trying to apply censorship nation wide. They want to install that censorship to our institution which actually by the law should be prohibited.

I was angered because of that. That ministry such a cowardice using that ISP and not going after our institution which was an ISP in itself. May be because in the past they had pushed their agenda directly and failed. And now they are using third party as a change of tactics?

As a result, my work as an IT compromised. I often found many failed DNS requests. As a part of my job, I reported the issue to my boss and then we reported them to the ISP.

Long story short, I found out that the problem actually a national topic. And the ISP was under the pressure to do the same thing to other institutions like mine. Holy cow! I thought the problem only to my own institution, but they do it also to others.

Many of those institutions also fight back against this unlawful dictatorship. In fact, they were doing their own retaliations since years ago. My institution is not the extreme, actually. And they kept it themselves also. Grrr...!

What the ISP did was wrong and they don't have a strong footing. I also could chase the Ministry because it pushed its agenda by bypassing many laws using a law that was recent and full of ambiguity.

We could even clashed that Ministry with our own Ministry (Higher Education) for stepping their boundaries. Especially when our country's law ensure the freedom of our institutions for researching things.

I could even escalating the ISP for a breach of contract. I mean, my institution is an IP Transit client and they even dared to interrupted our pipeline. I could brought this to our legal department to study the contract with that ISP. I think we have the confident with this sue.

A friend of mine who got the direct line to one of the Commissioner in that ISP also told me to go to the said Ministry also. He knows higher people there and he wants me to help him scold them.

I know I could've said,

"F*ck your one million .id program! What is the use of all those .id but most of them are being hosted outside?

Why would you blame innocent people instead of chasing the doers? Even, I, a single person, could track the original poster. Why don't you chase the one that make subversive content instead of punishing other people hard by crippling their infrastructure?

I mean, come on! Them buzzers flaunting their ID and no longer anonymous like they used to. You could chase them. You could hunt them, if you are willing. But, no, you chose the censorship route.

You deter our infrastructure so bad that now people love to have GMail and other more reliable email providers than us.

Damn it! I'm so sad with this.

You make them more reliable than us!

I know DMARC, SPF and DKIM. I know how to setup Reverse DNS. I know the best limit rate. I know how to handle backscatters. I know how to properly setup email infrastructure.

But now! You made me cannot compete on equal ground with them.

How can I compete with so many failed DNS requests?

How can I compete with GMail and friends that have unlimited space also?

Did you know that they are all hosted outside our country? If something happens, it would be beyond our jurisdiction. Don't you have a sense of duty to protect our citizens by doing good infrastructure here?

I'm trying to make our own infrastructure sexy. So sexy that it also comes with added bonus of applying our country law protection to our own people. So sexy that people trust us to use it.

And you ruined that!"

And that's my imaginary scold might be.

Me? Leveraging this issue? Chasing this case to be solved once and for all? To be the one that pull the trigger?

Nah! I'm too scared. People could be stirred to label me as a prodigal who loves porn and terrorism. With so many people could be stirred by those reasons, I don't have the passion to chase the matter.

I mean, look at what happened with Snowden. He is now lumped with Assange, even though they are different. I don't want to be the next Snowden. Being a silly who wanted to defend his country but marked as a traitor instead. Sad.

I had a one night of contemplating with someone. And she said that I should stop caring too much to other people. May be this time I should listen to her. Although it was about something else, but I think the principle is the same. Ha... ha... ha....

I don't know. I'm just an old man inside. Though I'm still young, but my soul not. This time I'm throwing a towel.

To help people who could bite you is a tricky thing. I used to have the energy with Free/Open Source Software movement. But, for the democracy of this country? I don't know. You go!


May be this time I'm tired. May be  next time I'll do something about it. Like one of my friend decided to forget about doing his own business and started to live his life by working as a worker. He is too tired to do his own business.

Lo, behold! He didn't stay long employed. May be I will start to fight this battle. For our country! :P

But, hey, I'm not that naive. Since the very beginning I had realized that there would be consequences when trying to help others. Especially the uninformed ones. The worst of it was expecting that they would bite you back as a retaliation.

Like Jesus nailed to the cross. Like William Wallace betrayed by the Prince of Scotland. Like Guevara killed by the very government he was liberating.

Those are the extreme examples. But, hey, know the extremes before jump the shark is a nice start. So I know that when tomorrow comes and the one that I helped crossed me, I know that it was part of the risk.

We say something about what government do would hinder privacy and people would often put their finger to us. They would ignore the issue completely. Their standard argument, "if we are a good citizen, we should not be afraid."

Well, we should!

When Government do surveillance program, there is no counter nor audit. The program usually in secrecy and it's not under any provision. We would never know when something in the system go rogue until it's too late.

Who in charge of the system? When a party with agenda got her hand on it, how can we know when it is used against the constitution?

When Government do censorship, on what basic ground would the Government screens? What is the mechanism of appealing?

Can people take an appeal without having public shaming?

Vimeo still get blocked in Indonesia.
Hasil gambar untuk PETER NORMAN
That 3rd Person in the background of history.

Harvey Dent from the Nolan's Batman trilogy said, "...you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." But, a third hero in 1968 Mexico Olympic made a statement that there was a third option: "or, becomes a forgotten hero."
It's not a compelling option for our ego. But, religions like Christianity offer martyrdom for such cause. There is a "greater than life" purpose. To spread Good News (Gospel) and freedom. Peter Norman is one of the model for what a Christian should gives.


Read More

A coworker singing a song about having a crush to his best friend's girl, Glenn Fredly feat. Yura, "cinta dan rahasia" over and over again. He sung the song over and over. I wasn't even know the song and by the end of the night, I knew the harmonizations.

At first I wanted to stop him. But, his performance is becoming weird in our workplace. May be this song was related on his condition, so I restrained myself to have him stop singing the song. I still respect his privacy so I didn't dig deeper.

Another friend of mine also have a long chat with me because he accidentally transfer a Raichu from his deck. In his desperation, he said would sold his account and stopped playing Pokémon GO.

Long story short, because he was team Valor, I told him that I was team Mystic. He could started again and next time chose with Mystic. I also suggested that we should went to conquer gyms together.

Well, it's kinda hard to play solo. I could conquer a level 5 gym alone. But, my Snorlax couldn't stand more than 10 hours to defend it alone.

Another friend of mine also told me that I was a cold person. She was asking about how the mechanics  of Pokémon GO. In reluctant, I told her every basics that should be covered about it. And then, I excused myself because I wanted to be able to concentrate to build my deck.

Another friend of mine also asked about Pokémon GO on our favorite hang out. When we asked him about his liking of this game, he refused to admit it. He said it was for his little daughter. Yeah, right.

Another friend of a friend also asked about Pokémon GO. He was evaluating this game because his ten years-old son asked a lot about it. He didn't know about it before so he said to his son to not play it. Instead, he suggested his son to do other physical activities like playing kite, swimming, etc.

As a stranger in human relationship, I thought a line about these:

I could love her and she loves me back, but the world has circumstances...