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My Phone

I love customising my phone. The first thing I'd do after buy a new one is to unlock the phone. Then, I'd install any of AOSP/LineageOS (Android free version) on it.

I don't like the original software. They full of bloatware that bogging the phone. Besides, the modding community could also provide some interesting features that would eventually becomes a norm.

The first benefit I would have from the custom ROM is actually longer battery life. I usually couldn't survive a day with original. But, with custom ROM I could even get a day and more.

BTW, I just downgraded my ROM from Android Pie (9.0) to Android Nougat (7.1.2). Why? Because it seems Google abandoned the MirrorLink®. I think with the ® on it, I can understand why Google decided to ditch it and go with Chromecast solution.

Nougat is the last that have MirrorLink® ability. This is sucks because most of modern cars and TVs have MirrorLink® on them. So, Android phone with newer version of Android would likely need …

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