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New Ministries under Jokowi 2nd Election

Jokowi already made new team to lead Indonesia. So many surprise. Lol.

The big surprise is Wiranto no longer in the Coordinator of Politics, Law and Human Right Ministry. After his stunt of getting stab and exagerated the story, nothing happened. I'm not against him or anything, but I hate many sources tell different stories about that.

Like many, I'm doubting that incident as staged. Meh... I don't dwell too much into that. I think the new law about KPK (an adhoc departement specialize to combat corruption) is what we need to get attention. The revision of KUHP (a Napolean law that still used in Indonesia since Dutch-Hindi age) that contains so many flaw and rubber.

I don't like that Yasonna being a Law and Human Rights minister again. It seems Jokowi don't listen to the recent student protests?  May be some political deals happens behind the public.

I don't know!

I'm just glad that Mahfud MD kicking Wiranto out of office. I hope he as the former chairman …

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