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Madness in New Zealand Shooting

A man in 16th March 2019 came to a Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand (NZ). He shot randomly and killed 49 people and injured many. And the story goes on.

You can read the news. But, what I've observed is this: many of my Moslem friends called this an equality. While they are complimenting the NZ PM and her actions, they are also lamenting that the shooting was called "shooting", not "terrorism" immediately by many Western outlet. It was different when a Moslem done the deed.

Fortunately, after the NZ PM called this a terrorism, many began using "Terrorism" in their news. I think this point a little bit fair. Perhaps, the Media waiting for the NZ government to verify what type of things happen.

A right wing politician in Australia was also blaming the Moslem immigration over this accident. He raised a boy to be a hero to many because of it. The boy poked an egg to his head. With this, the boy statement is clear that people, even the Caucasian is in d…

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