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At Wednesday, Trump making a statement that US acknowledge Jerusalem as a capital of Israel. To support his decision, he also moving US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This sparks many retorts around the globe.

Why must Trump administration makes it even harder all the rest of the Christian communities around the world?
 I know that Trump is trying to please his domestic friends. He wanted to please some Christian evangelisms. He also wanted some Jewish organizations. Apparently, this is also one of his campaign commitment at the election.

I wrote this post after watching Phil's video about Trump's decision. I read the comment sections and saw even many Jews that live there also not liking his decision. Even in the US, not all of the Jewish organization support this.

As a Christian live in another country, I can only say that what Trump's doing is only to please few domestic evangelism. In doing so, he put me and other Christians in danger of persecutions. Nowada…

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