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A Witch Hunt Gone Wrong

pikamee... — Banned Vtuber Memes (@bannedvtmemes) February 21, 2023 Pikamee, a vtuber was deciding to stop her character for vtubing in 31st March . Her last stream was playing Hogwarts Legacy. This game was gaining notoriety because the J.K. Rowling, a creator of Harry Potter, was making a transphobic statement . Because of this statement, many twittards witch hunting many content creators who playing Hogwarts Legacy. Pikamee and her company said that the graduation was planned. She had taken a one-month break before making the decision. However, this graduation made her fans enraged. Her fans understand that she was a bullying victim in the past when she was still a child in school. They don't believe that statement, instead they know this is because of the witch hunt. Some of the fans fight back. The whole trans community is now being accused of a bully who don't want to get bullied back. A bully who thinks oneself as a victim. *Sigh* I love Jes

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