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The Grief

I wanted to be mad at someone, or something. Why did the government had conflicting decisions? We already had a bill for pandemic: Quarantine law. Why created alternative hasty laws? I wished I could mad at the government. But, what was the use? My brother-in-law, my uncle (from my father side) and my aunty (from my mother side) would not come back again. I really resented their departures. They were good people. They helped families and even other people. More than that, they have special place in my heart.  Perhaps, The LORD loves good people. He would call them faster to His side. He loves them so much. Don't we always said, "life is for Christ, but death is my benefit." Isn't our goal is death in Christ? They should be people that ended the game in Christ! Shouldn't I celebrate their winning?  Nah, I'm not gonna be in denial. I feel sad for them. Even with that knowledge, I still feel sour.  And if I think about it, I don't blame the government for the

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