The Dark Knight

This film is great! I kinda like the surrealism put on the film. Unfortunately, they maybe don't want this film like the noir Sin City, if not, this can be categorized as a thriller film. Yeah, this is an action hero film. But, I do like the Joker and I think every one of you that have that psychopathic potential deep down inside you would also say: he done a terrific job.

Well, what do you expect, this film is full of talented people. I don't mind watching this film again. Of course in a theatre full of people that actually WANTS to watch the movie. I hate those imbicile that don't have manner that put their handphone activated, not even silenced.

This film is not a sugar film and not as dramatic as Spiderman 2. This film is a line up to what would we imagine if we really living in the comic as a person, not as a reader of a boyish comic. Kudos for the filmmaker and the crew.

Out of the thing, I still expect this film can be darker. But, yeah we need to compromise with many film watcher. Oh, and not all likes Dawn of The Dead or any bloody movie. I've seen darker movie, but this film is a mid darker. Enjoyable still...


  1. Joker ruleszzzzz!!!!
    let's put a smile to those facesss!!
    :D :D :D

  2. My fave quote:

    "Do you know how I've got this smile?"

  3. Prita1:19 PM

    Iya gw juga ga nyesel banget nonton film ini, setelah sebelumnya sempat mengintip resensinya di Kompas. Suka gw, keren! Bener2 real action-hero-worth-to-watch movie ! Drama dan pameran ototnya juga ga berlebihan.

    Penjahatnya pun keren2, punya keunikan yg beda dr penjahat2 kebanyakan. Joker-nya beneran gila. 2-face nya beneran tragis.

  4. How about a magic trick? I'm gonna make this pencil disappear.. TADA!! =D

  5. Why so seriousss ???


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