One Step At A Time

How can a nation with hundreds of years in Feudalism can heal itself in few years? As Tan Malaka suggested, Indonesia's problem is not about the corruption, nepotism, or any bad things but minds full of feudalism. Worst, many people even feels like they own this country. They can nullifying the law and they can act as if they are the law itself. The country is rotten.

But, where can we run? Or, are we bastards that not have any connection with this country?

Some people try to step up and take the path to change this country. KPK, BSE, and FOSS-ID. You should regard them as modern heroes. They may not perfect, but they are trying to do their best. I think they need audience to take step forward more and more.

One thing for sure, this country is getting better and I hope these improvements stable enough. My suggestion as a fellow countrymen, let's we embrace whoever that wins 2009 and protect him/her from DPR. They are now in the blacklist and need to fend their role as respected persons as representatives of people.


  1. bukannya KPK adalah bentukan DPR? Koreksi kalau aku salah ingat.

  2. Berarti bagus lah... hehehe...

    They who bite the hand that feed them... :D


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