Society in Sickness

Why God left the 99 sheeps for the one whom gone astray? Maybe, just maybe, because of those 99 weren't helping that one, yet only cursing and as the one gone astray they erased that one as if that one sheep is never exists.

Why Apple name their little device "iPod"? Maybe, just maybe, because of the device becomes a pod to save one from one's surrounding, alienating the person from danger of the surrounding. Is it alright advertising total selfness to this generation?

I know the value is changing and norms are changing. That's why I totally disagree with one's quote that said law is below norms. At the 80's and early 90's, it is totally not a correct thing for a student to scold teacher. Well, I see that today we have cases where students get away from scolding teacher.

I do believe that when I was little parents and seniors must be regarded as people whom you must listen and obey. Even, I found that children wouldn't dare to see straight to their parent's eye. Today, I have seen many children have their parents as they like.

The value is changing so is life.

Maybe, just maybe, be it me a Christian or whatever your religion that you hold (another Christian, a Moslem, a Buddhist, a Hindu, etc) is the one that sick.


  1. this is blasphemy!
    this is madness!

    this.. is... JEPEEEEEEE!!!!!



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