God and Me

People would say that it is God who would win. Unfortunately, I win. But what is this about, why am I the one that keeps the casualties. Yes, in this life would I conquer God. I would say "no" to His plan and starting my own. It's my way or the highway! No way, Jose!

Another theatrical life and I wish I could fulfill it with a great scene of my life but just wandering around and turns out that I am ruining the play. I can't undo and I am too ashamed to forfeit. The audience's watching. What is this? This performance should be for my own show, to show that Director that I am capable of doing everything all by myself.

I don't need Coach, I'd just to dribble the ball and shoot it. Against all odds, against all player in the field. As long as I play and the referee doesn't blow whistle, I can do it all along. My teammates only give me pain in the ass. They are my rival! I am the star of this game. I don't need.... Argh, why the enemy score the game?

Hello, bleeding and broken heart. This is me, whom stay at the deep of your heart. Watching as you take part of me. But, hear me out. Not that I will take your place, yet, but may be it's time we reconcile. Have our strategies worn out or we have the invalid objective all these times?

Hmm.. you're right. A game is consists of 11 players together to put the ball into the opponent's goal while guarding againsts the counter attack of the opposite side. Our coach is the third person viewer that can see the whole arena. We can only see up in front and sometimes, we can't see at all. All we can do is to believe that, based on the strategy, there would be a person in the given position so we can pass the ball. Or, we can have our friend blocking the guarding enemy while we shoot.

I guess you're right. The director just want to make the play goes along. You know, even a good play seldom the director credited more than the player. He just want a good show where everybody can give their best at it. If I recall, He would be a nice person and open to suggestion. Isn't He always encouraging us to speak our mind?

So, this is not about win or loose, but in what way I would spend my life. God's a grand designer and He believe there is a little part of me in there where that little part is the main show, just like everybody else. What else would you expect?

Special or not, at least I am in his watch list and it makes me not alone. Yeah, not alone.

Weird, what's this talk about?


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