Is It True? An Identity Crysis Of A Fellow Nation

Is it true, according to Sense HOfstede that Maluku wants to get free as a country, just like East Timor. [1] This could be true because of the existence of Republik Maluku Selatan (South Maluku Republic) and the fact that development is gapping so much between the eastern and western Indonesia. That also can also be considered true because of the different nature of the Netherland and the local government partnership in Java and Maluku.

Well, I don't know much about Indonesian history than the crap utterly given as a curriculum in my head. I wish a differ, fact-based, and real history would come up. I can only heard many historians beg for the rewrite of history text books to reflect the real one. Well, I don't know what's wrong but I do feel there is something wrong with the history.

The first time I awaken from the twisted history is when I saw euphemism in telling us that it was the fault of our own people about the forced labor, not the Dutches. The text said that after years of fight with the Aceh and other wars happen, Dutch has depleted its resources that it needed the resource for resurrecting their economic. It disband VOC and administering the East Indian government. At the time, there was a rule stated that each of farmer must handed over one fifth of their production. If one's failed to do so, then they would went to a one day work as forced labor.

But, stated in very not so obviously in the history text book, that many of the farmers failed to do so. Many of them were being held as forced labor and sent away from home, never returned to the home land again. It was the local landlords that bribed the Dutches and getting away from that. It was them who sold the people. Well, this wasn't boldly described in the text and I haven't read the book years after graduating from highschool.

This is different, many of Maluku people have been recruited as a East Indian soldier. They made a living for that and because of that fact, some of the Indonesian army would accused their Maluku comrades and prejudiced them with the traitor trait sort of thing.

Is this all true?

Many Indonesian people worshipped Ir. Soekarno (Bung Karno) as if he was a god or something. I know that he was an excellent speaker. He would burnt out the crowd with his speeches. He has so many great achievements such as as a declarator of Indonesian independent, that is if your country believe that we were free in 1945 not in 1949. He was also the one that convinced West Papua to join Indonesia. Yes, I believed he was a great motivator.

But, don't you know that he was a playboy? Don't you know that conglomeration is his idea instead of Bung Hatta people's power in cooperation? He was well-known for the lighthouse politics and known for his unpopular act of the world's greatest insenering. At the egde of his leadership, he was acting as a dictator and banned the Indonesian democratic ideology. One crutial fact that I do believe that flawed him is he would consider himself as a king that it would need a peaceful coup d'etat by the military force resulting in thousands of people banished.

Yes, I know that as a country, we need to look up for the patriotic aspect of a person. We need a figure that would greatly picture the spirit of Indonesia. It is not a bad idea that you would consider Bung Karno as a hero and I do myself acknowlege him as one of my hero. But, the hiding of the information making that hero just like an idol.

And how about the communist? How many years we have been indoctrinate about those commie and their bad intention and that communist is a bad idea of government.

Well, we have 5 major religion and yet we are the most corrupt goverment in the world. China, the commie, now is the major player in the world. Many electronic goodies are from there. They would have so many advance and cheap things there. Their economic is increasing. Another loo k would be the Cuba. Even though they were embargoed by US, surprisingly they manage to have medical check as a free service.

Iconizing and idolizing the hero of a country is a fine way to flourishing the national sense of patriotism. But, that's just lead to another false hope. It is used as a tool to coronating some elites and claiming as if it was rightfully theirs.

The crysis, the new emerging countries, and the way people live now have put people in sudden wake up. This sudden wake up have made the people cannot go and decide which is true which is not. This in the end, would make people less care about their nation's history. Now, if people is no longer rooting of history, the bond between them would diminished and vanished. So, in the end the patriotism would erode.

How many youngster would really care for our country?

I thank Malaysia so much in a way that they helped us to put our sense of belonging. But, how far this would go on?

Would us learning from the past mistake when the idolized people is cheered as if they were saints?

I doubt for it.

I wish we would rewrite thistory text and objectively provide the data. Then, from the actual, maybe bitter, facts, we could put the effort of telling the childrean with "but, they...". This way, we can put a much better understanding.

Of course, there would ne facts that not suitable for children.

I wish we have something in common to burn up patriotism.



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