Hi-Tech People in The Dark Age

Surely we can create a new world with current's trend. We can juggle and rampage all the old stuff, put them in trash and move forward. But, the world is an environment, i.e. many elements are built into unity.

How many of us see the fallen of technologies? How many rollercoster project sum up in a great catastrophy? Well, I'm sure each of us see at least one or two.

Technology is a great tool to achieve greater possibility while gaining effectiveness. This of course hold true if the one using it knows how to utilize it. That's why we have cause and effect analysis. We also have many methods to justify its needs and how it will have break even. We have many SDLC methods to ensure the project can be built with effective ways and can ensure the project will deliver in time.

But, can the rigid methods ensure the software of being successful?

Blizzard, many MMORPG companies, and FOSS specialist have shown us that there is more than a project managing to have a successful software. You need other people to share ideas. A fan-based product, a customer-based solution is needed to get people interested in your product.

Surely Apple Mac was a dying loser competing with IBM PC. Its proprietary and bundled solution didn't compete with the PC-compatible that became vastly accepted and industrialize by 3rd party vendors. In turns, those 3rd party vendors have their joining effort to standardize the use of computer. In the end, when people say computer it means a PC.

Now, when the project is successful and the end product is delivered in a good time, why it can't penetrate the market?

When we had a discussion with a chip vendor, we get three steps in question:
1. How to implement the technology?
2. How to fund the technology?
3. How to run the technology?

Well, after a while I realize that there is another step that was missing:
4. How to socialize the the technology?

Apparently, no matter how sucks you are at answering question #1, #2 and #3, you will end up winning if you can answer the 4th question correctly.

Even if you have a breakthrough or something that would make this world would never be the same again, you will end up being a loser if you don't have people that using it.

Again, technology is a tool like scissor. How can a man fond of a scissor if the man don't know how to use scissor? Make the scissors implemented in the hand of a man and let him attached to it.


  1. nice.

    if you want a never-boring game, total customization is an absolute have. we already see many classic not-so-shiny games survive through the ages.

  2. Ah you mean the neverboring Blizzard's Warcraft 3?


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