A New Dawn Of Researcher

If you remember how I mumbling about the future of a researcher in Indonesia, this may a good policy.[2] Well, hopefully we don't have those heaven promises (janji-janji sorga). Yup, I hope so.

One of the greatest fear of a person is the inability to have existence. To be a nerd for the rest of your life would not only endangering you, but also your family, especially your kid (if you would have).

[1] http://jpmrblood.blogspot.com/2008/04/apakah-upah-kami.html
[2] http://www.detiknews.com/read/2008/07/24/135337/977195/10/peneliti-harus-dapat-bonus-seperti-pemain-bola


  1. Jep, kalo ada tawaran riset di 3 tempat : Mountain View, Santa Clara, & Redmond, pilih mana ??


  2. ^tergantung sapa yg minta ya jep :))

  3. @andre:
    Ya di Redmond lah. Biar pada pake Linux. Entering the den of enemy... :D


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