A Free Thing? WTF!

That would an average Joe/Jane would tell if I mention that you could get Ubuntu for free. Yeah, I guess the popular GNU/Linux Ubuntu (Ubuntu) put their product into Best Buy is a right thing.

What if I tell you that GNU/Linux don't have any REAL virus? Yeah, another laugh. I know about the XSS threat, but it can be blocked with your Firefox.

Hmm... why don't people believe that there are things that you can't buy but you can get it for free?


  1. Ah I see ...

    So tell me, what do the folks of juragan.kambing.ui.edu do ?


  2. halo

    mana miror gnewsensenya? ayo donk dukung distro (un)ofisial free software foundation.

    btw TILIL apaan yak?

  3. @andre:
    Hmm... we distribute free software, isn't it obvious? :P We charge Rp6500/CD and Rp11500/DVD for whatever content you want (in kambing of course). Everytime people came, we always remind them to distribute the software to their surrounding. We encourage other if they want to redistribute the software.

    mana sini kasih gw alamat rsyncnya, biar gw rsync. TILIL = FAQ.

  4. http://www.gnewsense.org/Mirrors/Requirements

    thx for the mirror

    yee singkatan TILIL apaan? gw dah tau itu FAQ


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