You Got The Wrong Point Here

Because the Free / Open Source Software (FOSS) is free, doesn't even means that you have the right to butt in and judge all wrongly by accusing FOSS is not even worth it.

There are some times where random trolls would come and flaming by make a harsh judgment of FOSS. Any developer with so much high in coding would get bait and strikes back. It is natural to do so in the way they devote hours of working. I mean, come on, it's like someone come and mess you up in a monday evening. But, actually there is something that we need to clarify about FOSS:

It is not just about the software, it is a philosophy.

At the time of 2002~2003, I've decided to move and support my interest to FOSS is simply because of its value and merit that make FOSS is an ideal way to educate people. For the sake of simple reader, I would like to make a short list of values to be consider when thinking of FOSS.

#1 Knowledge is not Free
Something that would come in mind when thinking about intellectual property is that each new knowledge is worth of something as a tribute. The way of modern world which implements Capitalism admire individuals with their inventions. With this process, everyone will be motivated to innovate and in the end would lead future into innovations.

The world of course is not an ideal. When we talk about money, all comes into greed. Information/knowledge is a property of few.

Of course you Darwinian/Wallacean people would say: "Hey, survival the fittest." Well, that's not totally true. One of the biggest mistake of US is to think that a war in some part of the world will not affecting the country. The mess, the tyrani, the economic down fall led many people into astray and making them what we call today terrorism.

In the end, sharing the idea together would make each of the country have a competitive/strong point. Many potential ideas brought up. Look how the world now evolve. Electronic industries now have the term of open standards, something that way look to strange in the old era. Web also blossom alot because of the openness.

The idea of sharing knowledge making the invention cost stripped to the minimal. Without reinventing the wheels, inventors can focus on their dreams. Who could imagine of Wordpress? Who could imagine of OpenMOKO? Who could imagine of PSP? The foremost, who could imagine of Apache Web Server?

All of the stack up and create a framework of knowledge. This framework of knowledge is come with huge price, but everybody is taking a pie to pay it all.

#2 To be continued....


  1. istilah intelektual properti itu pembodohan. menyatukan hal2 berbeda seperti copyright, paten, dan trademark dalam satu istilah membuat masyarakat tidak aware terhadap hal2 teknis mereka

  2. Yeah, at some point it has become ridiculous. It stop people from innovating. But still, we need to credit someone's work, though.

  3. FOSS tanpa dibawah "payung GNU" : mungkinkah ?

    he he he

  4. Mungkin ajah, khan ada OSDL, BSD-style licensing, etc. :P


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