Estimation is Not A Number

As usual, I dug out Ubuntu Planet and Debian Planet, from the constalation I found great facts.

Gene of The ERACC Web Log posted that Fox News responded to his blog entry about the GNU/Linux problem and politely responded to his problem [1]. One of the fact that the Fox guy pointed that most of his developer runs GNU/Linux Ubuntu (Ubuntu).

The fact that many corporate have begun migrating to GNU/Linux is way beyond any contemporer data gathering. Long time way to analyze computer Operating System usage is to see the selling of product lines that in the subject. However, because of the way of GNU/Linux distributed, this is a debatable measurement.

How many vendors that actually sells PCs with GNU/Linux as a supported OS? Not that much I'm afraid. Even in Indonesia, they sells PCs with FreeDOS, a way to say, "we vendors endorse piracy but we don't want to get involve with it." Even if some of them preloaded with GNU/Linux, who would support it? The driver is all for Windows (tm).

Another bitter trend is like my Toshiba laptop that preloaded with Windows (tm) Vista (R) which would I wipe out completely (unfortunately that laptop is shared which forbide me to do so). So, I installed the GNU/Linux Debian in it and I don't recall of being asked by a surveyor about my using GNU/Linux as OS.

So, it's a vague estimation to say about usage of GNU/Linux. Still, we do know the real number is increasing. We also know that there are silent movement to change their solution towards FOSS software. Becareful to grade something next time.


* Windows is a trademark from Microsoft Corporation
* Vista is a registered product of Microsoft Corporation


  1. xps m1330 bisa diinstal ubuntu loh! ^_^

  2. Ow dell. Yah jelaslah, soalnya Dell itu temenan sama Ubuntu.


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