The Evolving Heart

When the generation of 2000 reformed the way of treating new students (2002 generation) into democratic way, there a lot of questions arouse. Some people had difficult time to accept it, some became reluctant, and some minor refused. Because of the reformation, we the 2002 generations having a lot of gap at the time with some of the seniors. Some postings reflected of the dislike of the new young minds and the record of the first generation that had significant percentage of people that not going into the Inauguration Night (or MK: Malam Kekerabatan). But, thanks to the preassure, we did somehow have tigher bonds between us, the 2002 generation.

Was that the 2000 generation fault of having reformation?

No. The 2000 generation had put the best bet. At the time, it was the first year Universitas Indonesia having collaboration betweens faculties in PDPT program (I don't remember what it's stand for). The 2002 students from Computer Science, Psychology, and Nursing are having the same class. The result are, we the 2002 student became the first with noisy and active in the class.

We are being taught to become assertive and speak our mind. From the three months of study, we even being given collaborative tasks and presentations. We are trained to be active and searching for information independently. From those days, we are no longer the silent and shy students.

Of course, the freedom of mind came with the great price. We talked back when we were cornered. We didn't accept what people said without justification. We were seen rebellious over some matters. The confusion of the old value and the democratic value that we engaged made us in the position of which of what.

Now, there is nothing wrong with the old value. Every value comes with its positive and negative impacts. But, everyone at the time was changing. People with the old value too having the confusion of the new value. That's natural, every evolving environment will expect the individuals creates their own natural antibody to reflect the current change. So, our faculty at the time actually having a revolution of social behavior.

One of the great lost of the turnmoil at the time was the loosening bond between generations and the inability of people to adapt. This, sadly, making the next generation having even more loosening bond. Even today, we will not see any more of the long lost Computer Science tradition: to greet each other and to have the feeling of friendship between us. As I remembered, when I met a Computer Science student (CSUIer), we would greeted each other even if we didn't have that close relationship.

The old value actually have the effect of strengthening the bond between seniors and juniors. We even had new couples. With the way that they knew at the time, they tried to teach students, juniors and seniors, to have proper respect of each other. This method was effective years before because of the long tradition of military student organization known as Menwa (Student Regiment). But, the years of Civilian, started when Mr Soeharto stepped down, has led into the new role of democratic way making the method unusable anymore.

In paralel with Indonesia learn the way of democration, social education of young family also changed. The orthodox way of teaching children to obey were not a prominent anymore. As the baby boomer society, being born in 80's and 90's, we were having more Western education style. The rat race and the evolving family style from big family (grandparents, parents, children, siblings living nearby) to a smaller family (father, mother, children, and optionally a nanny) made that change. As the suffer of the rat race, many parents started to abandon their child social education to the environment and to the school. Thus, the individuals affected by alien culture were born.

Another change is also born through the Indonesian education system. With the bold move of Indonesian government by trusting its education system to an independent style, the government's school (yeah, I know it should be called public school) now are no longer people's school anymore. With the ulterior motive: money, many public school are now having high cost, so high that it even making many people cannot afford their children enrolled into the school.

Voila! The rat race also comes in campus life. The high rate of cost making many young associates think of their graduation highly more than the social campus life. The high rate also making the higher income more dominant than the less income. The life also changed because of the new demographic composition.

[DISCLAIMER: For readers that don't have discretion, the following paragraphs is from the social view of values, not from the education view, which that is considered as the best way to cope many new emerging needs.]

To make it worst, many faculties are making new entrance and new classes as the result of having new studies. As the result, the society is growing and many individuals from different backgrounds coming in. As the limit of human ability to having simultaneous relationship with each other, larger community widening the gap between people in a community.

Excessive growth of a community affecting a lot of people, including the people in the student body themselves. The inability to catch up and to read the real problem of the current situation dulling the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to link each other. This failure making students clusterred because of their natural cluster of grade (Post Graduate, Extension, etc).

Is this a lost cause?

With the evolving world and culture as mentioned above, this may hold true. This problem is not a Computer Science alone, but also effecting the other as the society itself affected that much. With current ability and realization of the student body and the society itself, there would be none can be done to cure this. We must accept this as a new culture that have emerge as a part of modern society.


We realize this together and cope the problem with different approach. This option may viable as a part of education process which is not a part of this writing.


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