You Got The Wrong Point Here (cont'd)

#3 The Evolving World

Yeah, today's theme is evolving. :P

Theodore Ts'o of DD, [1] writes up about the wrong communication approach of senior engineers of Nokia by telling the opensource developer to see DRM from different perspective. Yeah, its a trolling incident, got hit by slashdot and ZDNet. But, in the end the man said that he is not a teacher but a learner.

As the world evolve, clash will be there and Nokia as a device vendor live in a world where open standards has only been introduced these past years. Relatively young, they will learn how to behave.

The success story of collaboration of device technology is the AMD64 of AMD and the ASUS EEE-PC which undoubtedly have become two majors. Another note from AMD, after its success of AMD64 because of the back up of FOSS kernel (Linux etc.) making them step forward by FOSS-ing the ATi cards.

Collaborating with other companies in a community may seems alien by some companies and they need to fit in. But, when the time comes they would play nicely. FOSS have many adopters these day, so it is a new trend as an emerging niche and everybody need a moment.

But, the world won't evolve in a day! Simply impossible to change the way people do over the years. Evolution simply takes time and money. Moving your business to includes open source solution is a a long walk. To have the evolution in a day is just like a suicide and your business will fall because of the lost performance of learning something new.

Is this the way to justify that FOSS is not an ideal way of surviving in business, or FOSS is not for business?

As indicated, the world is moving towards FOSS solution and the evolution is a long walk. But, in the end, they will have a major open source solution. They will grasp the spirit of FOSS and implements or may be simply adapt it into their own business model.

Now, this would happen in a near future:

A company with closed solution support versus a company with stable and longstanding support of open source. Who would go first?

This is a long still-in-argument question and I as objective as I could, don't see that FOSS will win and vice versa. Because of the scenario of what if and the nature of business that adapt into new demands, I doubt that the closed solution would be no more. Because of the way of the world, they may implements FOSS as parts of their components to have competitive products. Of course, many would die as the world change.

And again, in the end, the adapting architecture would make all the client forced to use the new implementation, which is good and one of the part. Yet another cost of reimplementation and the company must do what it'll dictated. A price of using propretiary implementation.

But, what if a company slowly absorb open source? Do your research!



  1. eee pc is not fully free!!! want to liberate it?? these are some efforts to do it. it's not fully completed, but you should value freedom above convenience..


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