That was close...

I have a sister, well not quite a sister, she is my cousin's girlfriend. She is one of the Project Rehab JP. Well, it's a name that I call to a bunch of relatives that tries to get me a REAL girlfriend, not a server nor a computer. She was wandered how come I didn't have any girlfriend. Normally, I guy like me, with good looking face and bunch of skills (*NARCISSISM DETECTED :D*), would have already few girls around.

Yesterday in sunday service I brought my Bible and opened it. She was curious, because I usually didn't bring my Bible so often.

NOTE: I always bring my Bible, but I've never opened it. I rather like to read the Bible from the people next to me for some personal reason.

Viciously she watched over my Bible and asking me how come I bring the Bible this time. Then, she looked into my bookmarks.

(S)he: Hey, this is a fine good looking bookmark. Waw, did you have it from a girl?

(M)e : Nope, if you see here, it is written that it was from PO FIK UI. Have you ever went to a fellowship? If you did, you may have one of these. [Victory :)]

Then, we heard the sermon again. Then, it was the time to read some passage. Well, she looked again and saw another one.

S: Now, that one too? Waw, that want must be from a girl.
M: No, you see here, it is written that it was from PO Fasilkom UI. I think you should try to attend fellowship.

Then, she never asked again. Fiuuuh... that was quite an interrogation. :))

Luckily, she only asked about the bookmarks. Well, if she have ever asked about the book, it would be a long interrogation... ;P


  1. teh kusut1:06 PM

    wow what a bible! that must be from a boy!! :D

  2. Which one that annoyed you so much?
    1. The fact she ask you, or
    2. The fact the one who ask you was a woman?

  3. wow what a server u have there! did a girl give it to you? :p

  4. desmond10:25 AM

    mencari tulang rusuk yang hilang....



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