Happy is something that you are not right now.


Lemme ask u, d u feel satisfied?

Many things already in your grasp, but why are you moaning? Sometimes it doesn't make sense when you are yelling to someone that incapable to do something beyond the person's ability. Why do you push people? How can you urge people to be happy when you are not?

You have knowledge, you have money, your table is never left without a bread. Why are you crying?

You have people around you, but you tend to ignore them and try to cactch something beyond everything to please your idealism? How come?

You want to get better but you get hurt. Because of what reason do you angry of yourself? Have you forget that there is always somebody that loves you so much.

You know what, your problem is that you don't want to be true to yourself. Admit what you're thinking, say it and don't take it into your heart. I know, sometimes it lead to destructive act. That's why you need a friend.

If you too shy to confess to one of people, then you may confess it via blog. Put all out of your anger and take a deep breath. I know, at certain level of frustration it won't go. Well, you need a friend.

Nobody listen to you? Then write a blog!

Write it until no regret at all.

Don't let the mind foul you. Don't let the mistake haunt you. You are something to someone that you even doesn't notice.

You're beatiful...


  1. Anonymous8:46 PM

    do you have a big problem right now, jp?

  2. i can be happy while i moan
    i can be happy while i ain't satisfied
    i can be happy... :)

  3. @tempe goreng:
    nope, but someone whom may read this: yes. Just tryin to confince 'em to not suffer anymore - nor try to...

    The happiness is a state of mind, it doesn't related with your env. That's what I want to emphasize on this post.

    Btw, I'm happy with my Lord.


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