Happy 2

Happiness not related to whatever you have, but it's closely related to what you don't have. Human's basic fact is their needs are continuingly increasing. Almost everyone (if you don't want to be added, so I just use almost) chase something in their lives. That something is a thing that makes them fully and content, which is non existing thing.

Now, catch your inner and ask yourself. Why do you want to do what you want to do now?

Err.. OK, I'll just straight to the point. I think you could miss the point if I must describe what we need.


So, in order to do that, you find a great job, hot chick/man, ranks, etc. You want to be acknowledged by people. In that feeling, your ego plays high. You seek out to do something.

THE PROBLEM IS not everyone can be satisfied and even some may be a victim to other's ego. The victims, whom has their ego desecrated, begin to desperate. Then, after a long lack of ego fulfillment, they become traumatic and behave badly. Their thought is poisoned with the venom fear, FEAR OF BEING NON-EXIST! So, they gradually become mad.

Yeah, the rest of the story you know.

The openness is the key and the thanksgiving heart is the must.

Without openness you'll just drifted away by your own mind.
Without thanksgiving you'll just end up not happy.


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