Concerning my previous post, there are things that I need to clarify.

If you have read the last paragraph, you would have read a statement that said I forgave him. That's right folks, I forgave him. The reason I wrote down the whole entry was because I was unable to diminished all of my wrath. In order to totally forgive him, I needed to find a place where I can spilled all of my anger, so that I could totally gave forgiveness.

Please, do not think that I will start to hate people. In my book, I will NEVER EVER hate people and if I do, I will never ever let the hatred continues. I will always try to help people in the way that I can according to my capacity. Hatred is the most I hate!

After a while, I even realized that I even needed to apologize. It was my inequity to blame him only. My inadequate social ability was also the culprit of it. It was my mistake that I have not answered him in a language that could be understand. I know now, I have a bad language when trying to explain things to people. So, I must apologize to all of you whom that get confused by my statements.

So lame of me, I even failed to explain things to an admin. How am I doing if it was only a common user?

I need to learn more, so please do not hesitate to teach me. Forgive me for my ignorance, for I have forget one thing that I always keep in mind:

I must always unlearn myself.

One more thing, please forgive me.


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