A Song Can Always Be Interpreted

Finally, I got my hand on the new Owl City CD, All Things Bright and Beautiful. I wonder why it's so hard to find his CD here? I've been listening through the night and I enjoyed his song.

I discovered Owl City from the movie Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole. The angelic voice is so different from other singer. To my surprise, Owl City is actually just a young man named Adam Young with a Christian faith in his songs. Well, that's the surprise thing, because the mainstream industry is not that kind for religious content.

The interesting part of listening of religious content is actually reading the fans comments. They would argue about atheist vs. christian and the trolling would flame out the discussion. How will we be growing up? If it's a good song, then it's just a good song. You could interpret it however you like.

I believe that all religious text without the pretense and with its god label is universal. One of my favorite song is Alhamdullilah by Too Phat feat. Yasin -- the original version without Dian Sastro. Too bad, they were disbanded. Their rap song is so great.

Anyway, to my surprise, the song that I like in Owl's album is Galaxies. It seems that there is a dark side of the story about this upbeat song. It was actually an interpretation of about the last thinking of one of the Challenger crew before it blew. The song is about a man thought before death. Such a positive thinking.

When I dug the interpretation, this song kind of remind me to my favorite character from Saving Private Ryan. The cool snipper that saying Psalms before his death against the German's tank. It also reminds me of another favorite song of mine, The Spirit Carries On by Dream Theater.

We don't use drug. But, a good song is a good ecstasy. Listening anything without pretense is uplifting. There is no rule that forbid us to interpret it whatever we like.

Btw, the OST from Guardian is not in the first CD and also not on this CD, so where should we get the song legally?


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