Lady Summer

Once upon a time, there was a great country where all men were held in the mountains. They watched over the world in the dark mountains. The cold of mountain scene is what they used to.

Men accustomed to be a hermit. Their solitude made their shoulder strong. In the midst of mountains, they hid their selves among the trees and caves. Nobody had ever seen the true them; in fact, they were rarely seen.

One day, a lady climbed a mountain. She brought a shiny star upon her. She shook every cold away. The mountain tops was becoming warmer and warmer. This pleasant feeling surprised the hermit men. There was this fear suddenly popped out from his heart. His cold solitude life was crumbled.

The women knew of the anxiety. As she smiled, she offered her hand. Like a puppy, the hermit took that warm hand. With fear he leaved the place where he used to hide his feeling. The place is warmer and tears of the broken were flowing from his mystified eyes.

That men has finally met his lady summer. And that was how the kingdom prosper and continued. Every time a men found by his lady summer, he would be saved.




As usual, I didn't know what to do while inspecting SPAM corpus. I fired up MyPaint and started drawing weird objects. Suddenly, two lines fitted to be the eyes. Adding here and there, plus a concept, I finished Lady Summer.

I took inspiration from Michelle Phan for modelling the face. I think you should watched her video. It's crazy how professional girls prepare their make up. It through layer per layer, from foundation to mascara and eye liner. But, I think I just used two layer for the face. Real women (in photography model) use many. Kudos for them!

As I also in favor of Hatsune Miku, I put the green color as the hair. I tried blue, however, it looked cheesy and I tried red but felt awful. Green is refreshing.

In the past I used to model big boobs girl like most shonen would do. After I read Ai Kora, hang out at Sankaku Complex, reading shoujo manga, and studied shonen harem, I came to a conclusion: there is a fettish in each part. Flat chest has its own charm. In Sankaku, flat chested girl called delicious flat chest (DFC). So, I took the challenge of creating this image of DFC.

DFC have an advantage to not necessarily wearing bra, although I against it. Over padding is disastrous, it made the girl look like a fool when the pads were found. A right amount of pad that looks natural is okay, though. Since this is a character, using the right combo of cloth what kills (I didn't pad her).

I chose the A-line cloth. To add its cuteness, I made green flurry to cover the chest. Hey, what can I say, I am a conservative. So, I don't like to model a temptress. Besides, this is a character of a goddess, so we should made her as cute as possible not a bitch. Her cloth should be white as pure as the breeze of summer.

The V belt is to emphasize her skinny. DFC looks better when skinny. In fact, it's a blessing that only DFC looks great in skinny. It also blend the shirt with the skirt. Adding cuteness to the character.

Summer girls always comes with a hat. In Umi no Misaki, Kimigure Orange Road, and any type of manga, summer girls usually showed up with a hat. I drew the hat for summer. In fact, I drew the two lines and the hat first. That's the motivation behind this summer look.

If you look the hand, you would know I suck at drawing hands. I also trying to draw the eyes, which I excelled in the past. The problem is I'm using analog mouse. Like Michelle Phan tutorials, the eye's pupil is also made in layers and it's hard to do it with an analog mouse. However, I'll try to have the gist of it. It's been a while since I'm drawing a character.

One concept to hide my weakness: the men was living in a mountain. I took this opportunity to draw a scene where the girl was at the first time reaching the top. She should be have a back stress. As she happy from a long way up walking, she also tried to hold her back to be able to stand and offered a hand. Thus, closed happy eyes and one hand on the back.

Oh, one more thing, the body were drawn not with perfect figure like manga. I believe that many people have shortcomings. I love the beauty of taking advantage of or cleverness in hiding those shortcomings. What are the shortcomings is left to the reader to find it. AFAIK, only Mr/Mrs perfect who can spot those, and if you spot one, you need to forgive yourself.

There are many things to learn to be able to draw again. I have things to learn or re-learn. Anyway, I don't put any references for my studies for this particular picture. But, believe me, honey, what I said here about the fashion is true.


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