A Private Answer of Life

It's 21st century and many people in the world are dazzled by capitalism. We bound ourselves into the fear of uncertainty of the future. Many of us would worry about our specific old days.

Well, at least that's what an insurance agent was talking about with me. The person would talked about what if scenarios. The person would said:

"Good Sir, what if you have diseases on your old days?"
"What if you get wrecked and you can't do any works?"
"What if you have kids, how would they go to school?"

I didn't buy such questions. In particular because at the time I believed that I have my God with me. Wasn't that a stupid answer from a highly educated person like me? Well to tell you the truth, I do believe it still.

Here's the reason.

There are a fair chances of I'm getting married. Yet, there are chances that I don't. [EDITOR NOTE: I HOPE I DO]

There are chances of me getting children, and there are chances that I don't. May be I was sent to Fukushima, or something bad really happens.

Even when I managed to school my kid, there are chances that they would be a good kid. They go to church and have a good educations. But, there are also chances that they won't. They may going into cults, addictions, or swinging at parties and have AIDS.

They may developed into a good adults, would go playing with my old. Wipe my ass as I begin to weaken. Listen to my past glory and smile at me and congratulate me. They would comfort me as I put my eyes into the deep sleep.

But, there are also the chances that they would swindle the old me. Acting to let me sell my house for their convenience. There are also chances that would they throw me at elderly house and only pay for the first year and let me be. There are also chances that would mock me, giving me bad time, nagging me because they couldn't hold up to my fart and my old rotten body.

Does the insurance covering that?

Even when some part of the insurance have covered that, there are chances that I nor my inheritor couldn't able to claim those. The funny part is; the insurance make me feel like betting my life that I would like that and the insurance company betting that I don't. Don't I being pessimistic about myself?

What if the insurance world would collapse because of some punks with money pulled doll play at the stock market? You know, the one that like in the US in 2008, the one that made Greece falling into bankruptcy. Or the "force major" riot on 1998?

Nowadays we have a corrupt system called capitalism and people are drawn to greed. That greed that would brought down the world through calamities. And people accept it as a part of human nature and discarding the other part qualities of human: learning from mistakes.

In such accordance, many seeks pacifism, humanistic approach, and neo-humanistic. They would through many philosophical thinking. But, many I found failed to answer and just fall to the old ways. They said that Communism is atheist, but they worship their leader as if they were god. They said that Atheist is pacifist, but they nagging Christians and trolling their ways into many provoking actions.

In the end, we still the same, it's us the one that needs to have self-control.

Modern life doesn't answer the question about life. They answer about convenience in the expense of addiction. The world has millions of years of process but human only in 200 years make oil attrition.

So, for my convenience of self-control, I chose to believe in God. I chose to have faith in what I do is in His hands. Isn't that more or less the same as paying every month for something that doesn't seems to happen?

The pill is the same, I want to be able to sleep at night. So that my tomorrow would not fear me. But, the most comprehensive is better to believe in God rather than believing in some insurance companies.

It's just that not I reject the idea of being rich. It's just that not that I reject the insurance company. It's just that not I'm over-confident about myself. It's just not because of I let my self uneducated by believing "superstition".

It's just that I'm trying to enjoy my life.

Isn't that the simple reason that we tried to answer through many majors, philosophies and disciplines?

Image is taken from Mangafox from Golden Boy manga. (not safe for kid)


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