Equality is Scary: The Human Right of Evil

Of many terible things I found is the right of people we condemn as evil. We would put double standard if it's about a human that do terrible things. We tend to say it's alright for them to suffer. Heathen always doing blasphemy, like insects torn down our houses. They need to be incinerate with holy fire of justice. Thus, we justify hatred.

In that hatred, a twisted mind would do extremely malovent actions against other people. In this time, a young men from ultra-nationalist sought an opportunity to siege people with shooting. This young fatherless figure person killed tens of people just to fill his hatred. Authorities said that he was a poster from Christian fundamentalist websites and a reportedly held right-wing, anti-Muslim views.

Anti-immigrant movements are all sprouting around the globe. Again, anxiety would play a role with this. Many immigrants held their custom dearly making the locals felt threatened. This kind of problem arise because of the crisis of identity, which threatens the locals.

Many governments like Yugoslavia, Iraq and Indonesia under Orde Baru regime tried to hinder these anxieties by oppressing movements and voices. They tried to forcefully melt the immigrants and the locals. Diversity is controlled under strict threshold. These countries usually use dictatorship.

When the opressor have lost their claw, the voices that held down were bounced with louder decibel. I could only describe what happened as slaughter! You could search all the slaughter happened in countries when the government went down. Bosnians, Shiite, and so on.

All I can say, we fear people with different culture. Out of that anxiety, terrible community with twisted mind held the mic and surrogate hatred into many of victimized minds. These brainwashed people then act accordingly and put fire onto the oppressed. Thus, the cyclic of hatred begins.

Lets look example from the hatred of some towards Indonesian Chinese. According to Wikipedia, the public see that many Indonesian Chinese were held economic. An interviewer said that "to most Indonesians, the word 'Chinese' is synonymous with corruption". To many public eyes, the Indonesian Chinese were seen as wicked, exclusive and arrogance people.

I call that last paragraph as an act of idiocracy. Blinded by hate, the people are not seeing the truth. They were oppressed like hell! The faction of rich Indonesian Chinese is not even few percent of the whole Indonesian Chinese. As a friend of many Indonesian Chinese, I watched such hardships and would smack people whom said otherwise. Ups, a wrong thought. :P

To see the origin of the problem, we should learned from history.

The origin of this hatred was a political decision by the Dutch East Hindia government. At that time, they would seperate people into three classes: 1) the Europeans; 2) foreign Asian; and 3) locals (pribumi). And because of the fear of Dutch colonial, the Chinese at that time were being secluded from locals. And you can read the rest on Wikipedia.

This divide was a result of political decision of the Dutch. Unfortunately, years of difficulties and revolutions had led this flaw relatively unchanged. There are victims from both sides because of the poisonous prejudice. It happened on the past but haunting us like parasitic insect.

Now, we are here alive and kicking in 2011. If we ever knew such hardships, don't we start to accept our Indonesian Chinese brethens?

The past is the past and nothing could be change about it. But, facing the future is hard if we don't put down the hatred. Cheesy, but that's what left to do.

To face someone that we were given hatred all along is hard! But, think about it. They also human as we are. They also suffer. Why don't we see them as human too?

To think about forgiving is hard. I remember how a fellow that was a counselor described how terrifying of what happened in Ambon. A young man full of hatred because he watched his family slaughtered. Another story from another young man, he was in group of people that took revenge by burning the truck full of refugees. The refugee that manage to escape the burning truck would be decapitated or severely wounded till death.

Another mortifying story is about the story of Sampit.... Hmm... before this post becomes a gory horror not-suitable-for-weak-heart, I think I should stopped.

All I can say that, they also have suffered. Those people that slaughtered people, they also cried from their heart. Many would have nightmares, many fallen into dark arts, and many would fall into narcotics just to survive another night.

Unless you are a psychopatic person, the feeling of guilt would chase you. Many would seek asylum into thinking that the person is right. So, as a drug to entice the person will to live, the person would love to inject him/herself using any doctrine.

What else drug that so effective to vindicate them? A false religion run by wicked people. You could channel your anger and be blessed by god because of it. It is like a saying, "religion is the opium of the people." The doctrine of this false religion would gather weak-minded people to do anything just to have his/her peace of mind.

I know to let go of the hate is not a simple matter. To know that what you have been thinking is wrong is sometimes too much to handle. A self pity turns into selfless benelovance is like moving a mountain. It's hard that some would love to run away from the process.

I also have a sin.

I hate fundamentalists. There were many times our poor church went into discrimination. Even when my church was built before them, they would tried to close it down. And to nurture the hate, I was infused by jealousy of how easy they would set up their religious place while my church and many had the difficulties to be granted IMB (a license to build buildings). Many imbecile law passed by the parliement in these past years also made me more furious.

In these past few years, thanks to the Pornography law that incinerate my hatred, I began consumed by it. Fortunately, I am a scholar and I read Bible well. I emphasized on the word "well" because not all "religious" people would read their respective books well.

The word of God truthfully saying, "love your enemy", "you must forgive seven times seven times seven", "forgive our sin as we forgive other's", etc.

I do believe in all of your religion, you would find equivalent theme accordingly (please write about it in the comment section if you are willing to share). And furthermore, even if you are unreligious, you would find such in humanitarian thought in Humanism, Post Humanism, etc.

Thus, I began doubting the hate. As I made my self-assessment, I found myself was trapped because of the hate. Luckily, religion is a double edged sword. I use its wisdom to wipe the hate.

Interestingly, in the process of wipping the hate, I found out that the real reason of this hate is not because of love of God nor self-justified. Shockingly, it was about quenching my dignity/superiority ("kesombongan"). It was not about fundamentalism, it was all about my desire to feel superior. That was how I found out that superiority complex born from feeling of inferiority.

Yeah, humanity rules!

This feeling of insecurities led by the horror of being inferior is the root cause of it. Hate, prejudice, anger and malovent. There is no cure of it than forgiveness itself.

This cheesy solution, forgiveness, is not just what I made up. Lucky enough, I learned about Nelson Mandela and the South Africans to let go the past. They are now struggling but they have made theirselves a great nation. They beat Indonesia in making the place for World Cup.

I think this story could gives you some insight. I'm not a story teller, but you could see what they were thinking. I have a great insight from it because of its unique sense of humanity.

To accept different people is not just about forgiving, but also a process to accept ourselves. The reason why we can't accept different people is sometimes because we are afraid of changes. That changes would affect us and we feel like we would losing something. If you think about it, we afraid that we would change also. This part of ourselves, the adaptability, is scary.

Woops, I write this too intensively that I forgot what else I would write.

To accept differences is scary. To do that, we are walking like a baby. Sometimes we made a fall that hurts. Sometimes we feel embarresment. Many times, we are afraid of the pain. The beauty is, because of it we can walk and when we are old enough, we can run and catch all the dreams.



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