Scientists, innovators, and lovers, they have one in common: would try to achieve the dream even if the dream kills you.

Even for a moment, you would chase the glimpse of the dream. Even if your life is the stake.

Crazy humans... trying to have something in life. Human fear change but irritated with a constant life. Afraid of losing but instead going far away.

A dream, a raison d'ĂȘtre.


  1. bwahaha oldies bener ini video-nya :p

    dulu gw nemu comment yang kocak, ada orang nulis panjang2 tentang dream hope dsb.. di bagian akhirnya dia tulis something like: 'you can achieve your dream, what could stop you from reaching it?'

    comment berikutnya de besd: 'the ground'

  2. Yoih, gw udah pernah baca tuh komentar. Ini gw ketemu lagi soalnya gw lagi browsing2 XKCD. Gila, dulu sih biasa aja, tapi baru sekarang gw ngerasa dalem banget nih video... hahaha.....

  3. apa hubungannye ama kiwi?

  4. Video kiwi itu metafora dari kehidupan, jay. Mesti ditonton. Udah nonton belum? :P


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