Equality is Scary

New York have joined group of governments that legalize same sex marriage. Many congratulate and many condemn. I have a mixed feeling about this.

Personally, I am not in favor of gay kind of life. First reason is it is against Christianity that I believe. Secondly, it hinders human survivability. Third, this relationships usually developed from broken people with past trauma, CMMIW. I still believe that same sex relationship is a sign of brokenness, thus it's a disease, IMHO.

But what of people that choose it as a way of life?

I think it's not fair for me to look down on them. Contrary to popular believe generated by Internet hate machine, there is nothing wrong with being gay. They don't tease their straight friends and they respect what we believe. So, when they openly admitting their way of life, we should respect them.

And my personal experience with such person is that I don't feel disgusted with the person. We befriend each other like anybody else. I think what we fear is something that we are not seeing everyday. But once we meet that irregularity, we are alright all along. People with different point of view (except extremists) are not scary.

That's why I don't like Dragon Age 2. It depicted the gay person as pushy person. If we don't have their affection, we are left by them. That forced me to make my character ended up with the grey warden just because he had the healing ability. That's not how things happens in the real world.

If people think religious nation is scary, I think I'm proud of Indonesia. When many in the world still having struggle with gay, we have transvestite here in Indonesia alive and respected. Dorce, in spite of having disrespect from many, are well accepted in Indonesia generally. His TV rating are well received.

We respect people with different views: from party goers to the extremists. To have this respect is not easy. I for myself must struggle with my anxiety. I too felt stranded by these changes.

Learning to accept it is not that easy. Many would choose to look into the other way. Other decided to oppose the change. What I found was those doing are wrong. When we choose to neglecting our feeling, the uneasiness lurks in our heart. And when some idiotic radical with sweet talks take the mic, we are stirred to do something inhuman.

I found out that to accept that anxiety is the first process. To admit that we have uneasiness is the right step to do. You can't pretend like it's nothing. It is significantly something. Then, like a baby learn to walk, we tried to accept the difference. Note that there would be a falling time when we reject the idea. But, as time goes by, we are little by little come in understanding.

And... the world goes around and everything is just normally what as we know. Yeah, nothing much change. These anxieties are only shadowing our eyes from the world. Oh, well, that's how we should live. Respect each other difference and have a try to accept the negatives as well the positives of mind so that we could reach into a balanced conclusion.

This shifting values that made the world change is scary. Luckily, we meet them in natural ways. The scary thing that left in my thought is when my children's children have a conservative thought, will they have respect? Vice versa, when religions died and some still lean to it, will we be respected?


  1. ah alasan kamu kk hepe :P jangan jangan kamuuuhh... jeng jeng jeng jeng..

    gua gak takut ama gay.. gua kan demen liatin bromance antara elo ama idur.. hahahahah..

  2. Cih! Ini namanya pitnah! suudzon kamu, jay! :P


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