God Wills It!

Nice thing about getting sick is I can watched the television. I can see how our TV stations is invaded with South Korean. My knowledge is suddenly overwhelmed with this so called K-Pop culture.

The news filled with story about obscure Pesantren and Indonesian Democrat Party scandals. I don't really care about the Democrats, SBY has failed me since he choose unfavor person for an important position as Minister of IT. The man has no vision and only making us IT workers looked bad.

If SBY has surrendered such position to that awful person, then I believe he has no vision or whatsoever to this nation. Thus, I have reject him and resented my choice when I decided to select him and Budiono. I thought he would be credible and with majority as his backing, he would done things gallantly.

The most retrospective news is about Indonesian parliament wants to push RUU Hak Cipta. It was yesterday at MetroTV's 8-11 show. I didn't know who was the spokeperson, but the person was called Professor. So, I guess he had a background from education. And the other person which unsignificant int the dialog is Rere (cmiiw).

From the talk, seems he wanted to model the new law with America and Australia. OMG! He wants to bring the DMCA monster to this country. Gosh! how stupid of our law makers want to copy the harmful law that dissenting people from their rights?

I mean, so we are pro DRM or something? What is the right for us, the consumer? When I bought an original CD? Didn't I buy the right to use the content? I bought the CD and the right to use the content what ever I wanted for personal use, didn't I? If this pro DRM law would grow into our motherland, then there are chances that our country could be restrained like those in US, worse than them.

Well, worse because they have their First Amendment and Fair Use law to protect them from unnecessary judgement. What we, the consumer of Indonesia have to be protected from abuse? The trial of Bu Prita also proves that! The imbecile that only concerns about porn and handshake may not have the idea why people long ago protested the law.

Such abusive law....

I don't know how far they are willing to do about our economy. But, didn't they also said that Creative Industry is one of the emerging market in Indonesia? If they wanted to protect that industry, don't they should learn from the countries where such beast are nurtured?

Then, why not based our copyright law to Japan or South Korea? Don't forget, we also need to consider the law also protect us from abusive use of law which called Patent Trolls....

Sadly enough, my rant here is about the country mass law that outdated, outplaced, and out of control. Innocent people could be drawn into countless outlaw. Thus, this countrymen choose to disregard the law.

Is that a country that you wanted, corporates?

I don't.


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