Anyone who adding my EMAIL and subscribe it to a mailing list is an a* (pardon for my lang). Yeah, you! Spiritual&religion at Y! mailing list is a pain in the a*. I wasn't subscribe for it nor I know of its existence. This is an act of spamming. The mailing list itself from what I skimmed full of debate between Christian and Moslem.


NONE, I said NONE, Christian or Moslem, can prove their religion scientifically. So, all would be an act of believe. Here's the list of why:
  1. All of their books are not legitimate: no literature, self-proving, and it has no reference to other works other than The Author Himself.
  2. The claims are (hardly) not reproducible by other.
  3. The Author have no previous track record to justify, to have legitimate justification of past work, or to have background education.
  4. The Author never registered in any science group or whatsoever to have collegues testify of His work or to have peer review.
  5. The Author never published the work other than to special interest group.
So, how can you justify of a work that scientifically non-justifiable?

Skip all of the readings, because all of this post is about how spam can be a mailing list. :D

On serious note, I know about these debate since 5th class in elementary school and nothing comes positively other than hatred and consuming my pride only. Seriously, no one would convert from sides, but to have more arguments in their minds and waiting to have next debate.

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Yeah, this post supposed to be a joke and rant. Nothing serious.


  1. There's someone already did that to you? Damn I'm late.

  2. Why so serious ?



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