KDE 4.1 Is Back In Business

Debian Experimental just update their KDE 4 series with KDE 4.1.1. What's the different? Well, the kwin4 have no glitches anymore, yay! No need to use compiz anymore which is sadly having no KDE4 window decorator compiled in Debian. Another pleasant present is Amarok 2 Beta made it into Experimental.

The only showstopper of KDE4 being perfect is some essential applications like Amarok 2 (beta) and Kopete don't have HTTP Proxy handling. Or, do I miss something?

Well, if someone tell me how to do the transparent proxy, please help. I have googled it but can't have the exact way of doing so.


  1. hey i thought youre a gnome zealot :))

  2. @tino:
    not really. E-17 is better to me.


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