How to Run KDE4 With OSS4

If you have sound problem with OSS4 in KDE4 on Debian related system. First, make sure you enable GStreamer backend of Phonon. At the time of writing, the XINE backend have different version with less updated with the phonon itself. So, I think it don't have updated content.

# sudo apt-get install phonon-backend-gstreamer

In Debian Experimental, you don't have to do this because it's installed by default.

If you have done, do this:

  • Add a "export PHONON_GST_AUDIOSINK=oss4sink" line in your /etc/profile

  • Rename into something else to disable it.
    #sudo mv /usr/lib/oss/lib/ /usr/lib/oss/lib/ && ldconfig

Works like a charm in my KDE 4.1.1.


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