Quick Note on Javacard: Episode 2

EAID Scheme

AID Scheme:
5 bytes RID + 1 to 11 PIX


RID Format:

N1 | N2 | N3 | N4 | N5 | N6 | N8 | N9 | NA

For N1 (the first nibble):
0 .. 9 = Defined in ISO-7812
A = This ID is internationally registered
D = This ID is nationally registered
F = Not registered to any valid organization (fictious RID)

For N2 N3 N4:
These nibbles represent the country ID.

For N5 .. NA:
These nibbles are the ID of the company that holds this AID.


PIX is the Proprietary ID assigned by the company. This can be assigned without any restriction but the size.

Now, how about that?

Of course, you could just use any proprietary implementation of smartcard such as MULTOS. But, as far as I can see, the Sun's Java implementation of the smartcard have moved the card into different perspective. It has its own Security Channels and even beyond, objects not just flat files. Moreover, it is easily programmable (this is arguable because I haven't see another implementation of smartcard).

The questions addressed to Bank Indonesia as a part of their concern and to any company that would be a player in Indonesian smartcard: Are we ready for the thing? Are we already internationally accepted as one of the county that legitimately issued a card? Who would issue the AID?

Now, those are politics I dare not to touch. Not today. I suppose.


To any officials and any Indonesian player, if you would like to register Indonesia, I would like to propose UI as the first one. Please reserved these RID:
  • A0620001
  • D0620001
  • F0620001
If these still available. Btw, what is the country ID for indonesia? I just make up with the 062, that number is in use in telephony.

PS2: (Just a note of note, after I bumped in the CIA official site to find our legitimate country ID)
I honour and thankful for America for their agreement on our National Independence Day. Fyi, many countries agree that we have our Independence Day given by the Dutch after the last Agreement in Netherland in 1949 thanks to the stubborness mistake of Soekarno. Well, a good friend of mine could explain why...

Indonesia uses 360 as code number.


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