Thx to anyone who said that 300 is a great movie. It made my expectation high, so high that I was getting disappointment over this film. (I agree with Tino)

1. They bring the great name of Sin City creator of it.
And what is the result? The character was developed in an instant, i.e. no chara devel at all! What the heck? The drawing of the character is not strong enough. Leonidas was described as a Godlike person, which should be the drawing of King Xerces. And what was that legend of he killed a beast? Didn't that make him a non lover husband filled with lust and berserk? That was too much.

I even laughted (in my mind of course, I promised myself not to spoil the story) when the storyteller told about any single move he would made:
"His helmed is to bla.. bla.. bla.."
"His armor is too heavy, so he bla.. bla.. bla.."

This is like a humorous scene. The stereotype of joke movies where the storytelling goes beyond of that:

"His pants is to wetty he want to pee..." (You know what I mean if you watch the movie) :)

2. Great sinematography on the film.
Yeah, I thought of that at the beginning of the movie. I was amazed of how the film described the column formation to rally against the waving horde. It reminded me of the box formation of British shooters that have won against Napoleon's army.

But, the formation details was not long. This film was like a checklisted todo. They filmed the detailed realism but forgot to do that again in the rest of the movie. How annoying!

Their blood stain is beyond realism too. What the heck they are doing? They pictured the blood spilled from the body parts. But, none of them stained on the ground. Even the blood from the archers.

The dead of Leonidas was a replica of Hero.

How come their costume just like a barbaric tribes? AFAIK, at that time, the Greeks already have armory. Hmm.. I think they just want to make the Greek soldier more barbaric and macho. I just have to accept that.

The most disappointing part is when the son of the captain died. Where did the horse come? Where are the rest of his troops? And why he disappear after killing that man? Mistery.

Oh, well, there were good parts of the film that I like. The last part is the most. The coloring is great, full of painting. I like that.

Anyway, this film is good movie but not good enough to be a great one and a good one is the type of film which I watch in DVD, not in the theater.


  1. awww come on, Jep! with HOT bodies like theirs, they have GOT to show 'em! masa' pake armor?? thong kayak gitu cukup la..

    gue drooling sepanjang film.

  2. But that privilege of enjoying those hot bodies are yours, not mine.. :)

    Lagian, kalo pake thong doang gitu apa gak gatel, yah?

  3. according to my own experience sih nggak. dan emang mustinya gak gatel sih, kecuali jarang dicuci jadi berjamur hahahahaha paling kalo blon biasa emang rada aneh rasanya (this goes to a real "thong". yg mereka pake masih itungannya ya.. sarung mini lah..)

  4. *ngakak* bahas filmnya woi!

  5. ndar, "your own experience" hooo..


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