How is it feel to be a human?

Trembling each day without a notice from other, yet hiding in a hill of pride.
Loosing self each day seems like a definition of self.
Looting in a twilight of heart, finding self concious in a mechanism of destruction.
Blinded, but walking as if there is a road a head.

Man got to be a tiger to tame a kitten.
Hurting inside yet insists on role playing.
Roaring the name yet forgotten the game.
Resulting loses of a war just for a win of a battle.

Pride is the cause, is it?
May it something that deep inside? The struggle for existence?

You play your dice well, but you have to loose your bet.
Remember the game and knows the well, yet forget how to win.

What is a winning end for you have lost a lot?

Who are you, anyway?


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