Ask not what your country can gives, ask what you can give to your county.

-- Kennedy

A mere nationalism broadcasted from United State to her children. The mother once again regained her children a big hug. Clapping hands and a burning desire was once again in their path. They owned their mother. Everyone was touched that day.

If you asked common Americans about their country, boastings to the fullest would be the answer. How they are agreed that their country is the best country in the world.

And how could it be?

America is not perfect. They have Bronx and southern region. Not everyone goes to college. They have KKK. Their defenses are not that good, 9/11 proves that. Furthermore, they have taxes.

Speaking of taxes, Britain, especially England, as the most high tax in the world have the most dignity to their country. They still have a monarchy and they have hooligans. But, why they love their county so much?

Both of Americans and British folks have the same thing that keep their children loving them. It is the sense of belonging. The freedom of speech and the freedom to express their thinking is the best thing that any common people could ever have. Those governments ensure each of their citizens have the ability to express their feeling and thought.

I know, there are aspects that those governments doesn't permit any extension of free to speech. But, their laws stating otherwise, so everyone can be protected against any threat that would put their mouth into silence.

That's what they believe and their TV shows amuse them with the implementation. Many shows entertained people with laught while they were mocking their queen and their presidents. Under these shows, people are contended with the feeling of their voice still recognised. Of course, the actively speaking congress people also the factor of sense of belonging.

Now, look what happens in this country, Indonesia. The congress is only a huge pig eating people's money. The past reggime makes people too afraid to send their critics in the media. The officials can make jokes of the law without ever touched. Many people that promised have shouted their mouth.

So, in what way people are to be heard?

The one important term of Republic is this type of country is a people's country. Republic is the country where the leader is the people. Indonesia, if I'm not mistaken, is a Republic. A country which held by the people and for the people. Indonesia is not a vassal countries nor a land of no master. But, why we, the common people of Indonesia, feels that way?

Why am I still feels like my freedom is not what I have? Why I feel that this is not better than the time of Colonials?

Yeah, sure, the government is held by the Dutchess. But, it is our own people who sold us into slavery. If you read the history right, it wasn't the Agraria Law that sold people. It was the vassal folks that sell our grand fathers and grand mothers to the distant land. And because of the writing of a cared Dutch so this practice put into the end.

Now, I love this country and I believe there are ways to make this country a better place. But, when the right of people to speak and express theirself is captivated, so what's left of this country to have?

If Kennedy were here and stated his voice as Indonesian, would the Indonesian burnt their spirit and cheered that? Or would the people just said:
Yeah, I would definitely give my life fully to my country. But, do I have one?


  1. Hi, Ben Anderson punya definisi nationalism yang bagus:

    Semoga berguna ya.

    ~ Jennie S. Bev


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