Just Quick Note on Javacard

Just for memorizing, sukur2 ada yg ngerti n ngasih komen.

Command APDU
80 E6 0C 00 [Package AID len] [Package AID] [Applet AID Len] [Applet AID] [Instance AID Len] [Instance AID] 01 00 00 00

00 A4 04 00 [data e.g. "123456"] 00

Note on data: data is the object. Cmiiw.

5 Bytes RID + 3 Bytes PIX
5 Bytes of AID is assigned by ISO or by a country, which Indonesia not adequate, yet.

Note on RID:
If based on the rule written by Bank Indonesia, all of banks in Indonesia should have smartcard as their only card by 2009. Now, would they request their own RID? Well, the story of not so prepared of Indonesia.... Even by now they still hasn't decide of the standards (cmiiw). EMV anyone?

5 first Bytes of Applet AID must conform with the Package AID.

Javacard is compatible with ISO 7816. Data defined in ISO 7816-4

What the heck the P3 for?
CLA | INS | P1 | P2 |LC/Data | LE
Data | SW1 | SW2

Implementing different Security Channel.

MiFARE is in another ISO? Argh... !males baca mode on


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