Where Are We Going?

I felt uneasy when I read this article by my friend. Another slavery has putted into the act and people not realise that? C'mon, people. I don't hate Microsoft nor any other props company. But, why can't people see that we are selling our country just to seek pleasure over these years.

How many people have the fund to have LEGAL software? (Either FOSS or Props)

When we use the illegal s/w, we put aside our law. We implement the thinking that law can be overidden. We are in the bottom level of trust in our law. Law is the fundamental of a country. Thus, the law is...

Ah, that's enough! No more advocating the truth. Why should I? Eroupeans and other nations around the world is trying to migrate into FOSS system. But, why country such as Indonesia does not have any idealism to put this law enforcement into action?

I hate people that protesting card playing in the campuss. C'mon, it's even not a sin to play card. People can even gamble through sports (e.g. soccer match). But, the flaw of using illegal s/w, why can't they protest that?

I have that darn illegal O/S in the house. I can't uninstall it just because my little sister using s/w for her assignment that only runs on that O/S. Why not you protest that instead protesting playing card?

I don't mind people playing cards. I have worse sin that is using the illegal s/w, which is prohibited by the law.

Where are you intelligent people of Indonesia?

Has the money cover your eyes so you can't see that our nation is being sold?

Yeah, nevermind. I am the hypocrit one also.


  1. kunderemp6:01 PM

    Because we, Indonesian, never think for the long term revenue. We only think for our short-term profit.

  2. "Worse sin that is using the illegal s/w, which is prohibited by the law."

    Ironically, some lectures are forcing us to use illegal s/w.


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