Good Distros for Xen

Okay, this review is purely subjective. We only can try para-virtualizaton because of hardware limitation We have tried Xen on these platform:
-> Debian Sarge
-> Debian Etch
-> Ubuntu Dapper
-> Ubuntu Edgy
-> Fedora Core 6
-> OpenSUSE 10.1
-> Xen Demo CD

The most distro I find amusing is OpenSUSE. It has Xen capable YaST so we can manage the Xen from YaST. The downside of this distro is the installation time take long time compared others.

Fedora Core 6 (FC6) has a nice graphical boot. It has Xen by default, but the downside is we cannot install another distro. It has it's own tool.

The best distro goes to Xen Demo CD. But, it can't be installed into harddrive. It needs some tweaks. :))

Sarge and Dapper use source install.

Etch and Edgy have their built kernel but no graphical tools. You have to download and use XenMan. It is great I think.

So, the solution?

Choose Edgy or Etch for adventurous people. It has great console tools
Choose FC6 or openSUSE if you need simplicity.
Choose Dapper or Sarge if you're a hardcore people.


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