Smartcard Training Part 2

We dine in Izzy. Horay, I can get InfoLINUX there.

Mr Edward already off and today we just learn to optimize the code and other aspect of smartcard from him. And then, Mr Jo (I don't know his real name) started from 3 pm is teaching us the off card application that UI gonna use. There is a REAL issue that we are getting from the card. It is about some policy that UI must conform with world standard such as ISO or Belgium something.... Sorry, it's about the security mechanism that will compromise the UI Smartcard.

There are some benefits that UI can have from smartcard. But, it means there must be a bigger revitalization of facilities in whole UI. Big investation, but it will get hits in the future, very big hit! Cool...

But, there are also some beneficial with today's infrastructure in UI can be handled in term of optimize it with Smartcard management.

Some plans are occuring when we see Jakarta plans and the open Smartcard for all banking systems. Our UI Smartcard shall adequate to fullfill requirements, even more enhancements can be implemented. The problem lies that UI Smartcard needs to properly reorganize. The reorganization shall take quite sometime because it depends on how UI will integrate with other third party services. Technically speaking, UI must be able to have blocks where third party vendor can reserves its requirements.

More delicate matter is the Key infrastructure in UI that needs to be planted in non-compromise security which I believe UI has the infrastructures to implemented it now, with some tweaks of course.

Today, UI Smartcard uses VeriFinger to authenticate fingerprints. I am motivated to hear that; I want to see if there exist the open source counterpart. But, it is interesting to hear that the developer think of the academic needs. They provide some raw data that interestingly can be used as research data. I think, this smartcard project can be forked into any research viable in UI. Researches can be conduct not only in Technology Engineering but in term of Social Engineering. Indeed, I found that this smartcard thing is a brand that intricate social interests. But, I don't want to study or research that too deep (if I do that, then we don't need any social engineers such as psychology, law, etc ;P).

Well, in my opinion, smartcard indeed needs a lot of social research. Because, technically we can do it and implements it. But, the real question, is it beneficial based on people mind? How can it be used? How we elaborate it to make efficiency without to much Business Process Reengineering? ETC.

OK, there are some interesting topics that I would like to write but my battery is running low now, 3 minutes remaining. Good bye for now!


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