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Horay, my IBM xServer runs debian SID with Xen and Vserver enabled kernel. It runs good and the hardware problems never arise again, hopefully ever.

I have one Xen guest running a MySQL server now and another one running WordpressMU.

It's set now, download some themes, done!

Now, the problem is:

How to aggregate?

I'm trying to setup a planet, but it seems I have encounter difficulties. Ow, where is Iang? He isn't online....

How to set it up? I'm clueless...

I want to set it up with debian way, not the hardcore....

Btw, why is this Sangoma card cannot talk to Cisco router using RIC-E1 converter?


  1. sini2 gw bantu :P

  2. pake php aja bos, tinggal pilih mau pake database atau enggak...
    bikin sendiri pake magpieRSS juga bisa...kalo pake wordpress tinggal install pluginnya aja githu lho... gua pernah koq.. cuman boros di DB aja...

  3. @tege:
    Thx, tapi gw pake Wordpress MU, ud coba plugin2 populer, tapi rasanya kurang pas. Btw, gw juga bingung di mana mo gw taruh itu wordpress.

    MagpieRSS? Ud liat sih, tapi gw ud males ngoding... hehehe.. :))

    Duh, terakhir ngoding beberapa bulan yang lalu.


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