Smartcard Training Using Smartcafe

OK, now I'm away from Xen or any virtualization. I have a training starting from monday in Hotel Binakarsa. The training is about smartcard and held by Finnet Indonesia (a child from Telkom). We are kindly managed by Mr. Martin. He's a nice person, I kinda like him (not in term of J*s20 or J**b20).

The first two and a half day, we're playing the bottom knowledge of smartcard. Programming it up! The smartcard we are using is G&D's (a german company). It's based on Java Smartcard and GP 2.1.1 (or 2.2.1?). Still, we learned OP 2.0.1' (OP 2.0.1 enhanced by VISA).

The software we use is SmartCafe 3.0 SP2. It's quite delicated to use the software. We must provide a dongel otherwise we cannot use it! Man, the last time I'm dealing with dongel software is with Surpac and it has a software dongel (other word, bajakens.... ssst.. gw gak pernah coba itu software... asli loh... asli beneran...). Anyway, the limited dongel ... bla.. bla... -_-' This is quite way off the topic.

Ok, back to the topic. Sorry...

We are concentrated at GP 2.1.1, but Mr Edward (our trainer) also mentioned about OP 2.0.1.
I'm confused with the command. But, the bottomline is, the instruction is so Compiler Lecture-like. It just about how to give certain hex and interprete it as data or command.

The data we use is short and byte. Array is supported but use one dimensional only! Avoid use too many data. Space is the common constrain here. Somehow in my mind, we must think like the game developer in the early 80's to 90's.

The smartcard we have from G&D is somehow limited by 64 Ks. It support the standard but it only have real DES encryption capable. The AES, PKI, and other encryption stuff is only a fake function (they always return true or the same value). Well, DES is quite capable and enable to do a lot of stuff.

The apps is called an applet (don't confuse with the web's). It has this code transformation:

Java source code --> Java Bytecode --> Card Application (CAP).

A CAP file is actually a JAR version of Smartcard.

Doh, I'm getting bored here. I wish to introduce the applet structure.. Ow, alright.

The applet is a class that override the Applet class. Again, don't be confused with the Web one. Ah, I'm already tired. Sorry... next other time.

Btw, the accomodation is fine. We stay at Bumikarsa Hotel. Yeah, just like a standard hotel, have a nice warm shower, nice swimming pool, nice lobby with Internet, and a nice eating room where we can pick various food from Western to Indonesian. But, it has a lack of accomodation that important: No server to play with! ;( Man, I miss the oprek-oprek. Plus, they don't have LINUX!!! X-(

At morning and day we have breakfeast from the eating room. In the night, we are eating outside. Yesterday, we eat at a Sunda Restaurant near the hotel. This night, we go to the Plaza Indonesia. We eat at the foodcourt after that we take a little hike and go drink in Tator.

Btw, you know what our conversation? Yeah, the typical of CS people. We talk alot about Smartcard and the implementation. Mr. Edward is a very nice people type. He has his thinking and we spent a lot of time by sharing his knowledge and our plan in using the smartcard.

Ow, ok, I know when we eat we should take a rest and have a recreation. But, what is the recreation? PI is only filled with women stuff. I don't see any interest in seeing beautiful women with her nipple shown. What is the good to see an artist? I hate Sinetron and hate it so much because of the poor script and bad personalization. So, to me PI is kinda boring. No computer stuff, I even can't find InfoLINUX there....

The only amusing is when we saw the screen. It has an Award BIOS, indicating that it was only a PC... and I try to imagine if I can touch the keyboard.

It's already late and I just want to sleep now. Bye.


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