Dearly Loved

In time in the past, you make a decision. A decision that make someone's heart scattered apart. But, that someone was always loved you and waited for you. That someone waited in front of gate of Million Years. Pledged to come a love that opens the gate.

You knew, but you didn't recognise. You have understand but you played dumb. You saw but you got away.

The time has come and that someone can no longer wait. Then, suddenly the person had gone. At first, you thought that was great. But, you knew that there was something missing.

The way she talked, the way he moved. Now it's just a scar in the heart. Suddenly, that scar feels so deep. Tormented, forsaken, wasted, and dying heart. Yes, with the broken heart you walk towards the future.

Some say it could be healed by time passing by. Some even interprete it as a monument of learning. But, no matter what the definition of the cause, what ever reason we try to explain, and what ever sins we try to purge, the wound cannot heal.

Suddenly, you miss her. You've just got ripped by that man. Eventually, you realise that you miss the person.

After months of torment, you need a redemption. A place where you can lay down your head. An apologize to the restless soul.

But, how does it feel if you were the person who got dumped?


  1. jepe... keren de postingan lo yg ini ;) kata2nya dalem euy...

  2. pengalaman pribadi sih :P jujur sekali jepe.. :)

    mungkin, loe bisa mulai belajar 'mencintai' seorang gadis :D bukan mba debi(an) XD

    iya pe keren postingan loe.. gw mau belajar ngomong inggris dong ><

  3. cieehh jepee.. iya nih.. kaga ada keterangan tentang tokohnya :P

    may may *memanggil maya* baca deeeehhhh.. :D

  4. Ah, masih banyak typo dan grammarnya rada ngaco. ^^'

  5. good job bro. way to go!


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