XEN Installation Attempt 2.1

With desperado heart, I'm switching my filesystem from reiserfs to ext3. This consideration is because the OpenSUSE 10.2 make the switch too. Maybe, the filesystem is unstable for this kind of use. But, worst than reiserfs, ext3 failed after few seconds in compiling kernel section.

In state of hopeless feeling, I install xubuntu-desktop, reboot, and suddenly I realize that I'm making a mistake. What the heck X for? This is a server machine, not a desktop!

In state of idiocy, I log into the system, run a terminal and execute top, run a screensaver. Then, a magic happens. The compiler starts working great. It have no more illness. It doesn't have errors anymore. It compiles smoothly. Yay...! Yippeeee...!

So, I have an explanation regarding the problem:

The machine is too good to be left alone with a big resource hog process. It then felt insulted and have a strike demonstration action by making errors. It needs at least two heavy weight tasks.

(Versi Indonesia: Mesinnya ngerasa dianggap remeh cuma dijalanin satu proses berat doang, makanya dia ngambek gag mau jalan. Dia baru mo jalan kalo dikasih minimal 2 proses berat. Katanya: "Aje gile, gw seharga mersi lo kasih tugas seringan PC [baca:pisi]! Emang eike cowok apaan?! Eike mogok, ah...")

Is it means that computers have feelings too?


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