I always keep my blog away from any religious post, not this time. I'm very pissed by some people when they say religion is ridiculous, religion is the source of war, and religion is unscientific. Furthermore, about Christianity they speak loud about impossible things about Trinity. Here is my defense.

0. Religion is the root of war

If I say Christian, there would be a total of variation each individual around the globe called themselves Christians. The diversity in religion alone makes the doctrines varied to each person. The doctrines even desecrated with the thought of man. THE THOUGHT OF MAN! That is the cause of war.

If you see the religion of the world: Islam, Christian, Budhism, etc, they said that God comes to man to save humanity from violence. Each self-proclaiming as the way to have eternal peace. So, actually no religion offers war to its disciples. But, the leaders are! They are the one that should be fixed.

I. There is no God

We speak scientifically.
Of all the knowledge in the world, how many percent do you administer?
Do you know all the server across the globe and remember the data?

Let's say that you are bright and smart, you may have 0.01% of all the well-known knowledge. Well, the rate of 0.01%, statistically speaking, is called error rate. That is the error rate that is allowed to have a hypothesis accepted as very significant. So, could it be that your knowledge is the error rate that the 99.99% proved that God exist?

Let's say that there is a 50% probability that God exists and vice versa. If God really exists, then all of the damned go to hell and the follower go to heaven. If God not exists, then we all just vanish and nothing really happen. But, the problem is there is a stake to have and a decision to make to believe one fact. Which of those are fact to you? Which is the most beneficial to you?

I say the first one. I choose to believe the first because even if the second is the fact, I won't loose anything. But, if I choose the second, then if the first is true, then I'll be condemned forever in hell. Why should I risk my life?

II. About Trinity

OK, for many people this is the hard subject to prove or understand. Some even tried to quantify God so that it looks like impossible. They quantify God like this:
1 + 1 + 1= 3;
How come the Christians said:
1 + 1 + 1= 1???

And if God is one, then if divided by three, shouldn't The One become The 1/3?
1 / 3 = 0.3333 (rounded);
How come the Christians said:
1 / 3 = 1;

Well, the quantifying is absolutely wrong. When we say about God, we say about an entity that is not limited to space nor time. So, if we want to quantify God, we should quantify The One with:
Lim [x--> INV] x = INV ; INV means infinite.

So, if you said about Trinity, you could say:

lim [x-->INV] x + lim[x-->INV] x + lim[x-->INV] x
<==> lim[x-->INV] 3x
<==> 3 * lim[x-->INV] x ....(1)

We know that in math that any Real number (except 0) dividing x where x is bound to infinity, the result is the same. The rule also applied to multiply operation. So, the result of equation (1):

3 * lim[x-->INV] x = lim[x-->INV] x = INV.

If someone ask if God is in Jesus Christ is the same. Then at the time, Who is The One in heaven?

lim [x-->INV] x/3 = lim [x-->INV] x = INV.

It's the same God.

Ah, time to work. Bye.


  1. INV + INV + INV = INV ...

    What's the point of adding INV and itself ?


  2. Menurut gw, religions are partly to blame for any discrimination and wars that are going on at the moment. Kenapa begitu? Agama mengandung begitu banyak celah yg memungkinkan orang untuk melakukan interpretasi ajarannya menurut dirinya sendiri. Setelah itu, orang yg memiliki kharisma yg besar (namanya bakat, susah ditolak) menyebarkan interpretasinya ke orang-orang lain. Tak bisa dipungkiri, agama memiliki pengaruh yang begitu besar setiap individu. Buktinya aja, IMHO, hal yg begitu personal seperti ini, dimasukin ke dalam sensus penduduk (which means sering dijadiin bahan analisis).

    Ada yg berargumentasi bahwa interpretasi yang "benar" dari ajaran suatu agama itu adalah X. Ada pihak lain yang menyatakan bahwa makna dari ajarannya adalah Y (yg kl dipikir2 mirip2 X). Ada jg yg menyatakan bahwa makna ajarannya adalah Z (yg bertolak belakang dengan X). Dari sini aja, orang yg gak bisa menghargai pendapat orang lain akan selalu bertentangan (perselisihan, hingga taraf yg gak bisa dibayangkan, seperti perang) dengan mereka yg memiliki pendapat beda.

    Mungkin yg membaca ini bakal bilang, kata siapa agama itu banyak celah... My argument is simple. Kl tidak banyak celah, kenapa ada banyak interpretasi yg begitu berbeda? Seperti membayangkan suatu makhluk yg digambarkan pada novel fiksi ilmiah... Everyone has their own images.

  3. tentang yang there's no God,
    sebenarnya mereka (atheist) juga bisa berkata sebaliknya jep, yaitu ngapain mengambil resiko tidak menikmati dunia ini kalau ternyata tebakan lu (bahwa Tuhan ada) itu adalah salah. menikmati dunia itu nyata jep, langsung tersaji di depan mata, bisa dirasakan dengan panca indra.

    tentang yang trinity:
    ngapain pake2 limit segala?
    inv*3 = inv, susah amat :)

  4. @andre & ramot:
    INV cannot have that kind of ops coz INV is NaN. :)

    Sekali lagi, sesuai dengan post gw, agama mendiskriminasi karena interpretasi dari para pemimpinnya. Adalah hal yang mustahil dari manusia untuk memisahkan dirinya dari agama. Agama adalah produk dari filsafat manusia dan kebutuhan akan egonya demi menjelaskan siapa dirinya dan fungsinya. Bahkan atheist pun punya agama dengan Tuhan yang bernama Saya/Science/anything that make sense.

    That's the point, mot. Ada 2 kemungkinan: #1 Tuhan itu ada dan #2 Tuhan itu tidak ada.

    Atheists raise their bet to say that God is not exists. Their stake is they go to hell.

    If we choose God, the stake are: when we died we just go into ashes.

    And if you say, i know maybe some of you will, that what is the right religion? And you would argue that I'm raising a stake of under 50%.

    I know, my probability of right choice is:
    50%/Sum of religions in the world.

    In other word, when I choose a religion, I bet on probability of 1% or less.

    Well, this is a matter of faith and my answer is...

    I believe in Jesus Christ, my Saviour and my Lord.

    How rational is my answer, I can only justify through my experience. This is due to the chaostic effect where each person have their own pattern. So, I cannot generate data the same as my experience as people have so much variable.

    Duh, ini malah jadi postingan baru.


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