I had enough with XEN! My cpu doesn't have latest VMX instructions, or maybe not activated? My IBM xSeries 225 is to precious to dump. In quest of virtualization, I found this vmware server and I'm running it right now with three guests: WinXP SP2, Debian Sarge, Ubuntu. Infact, I'm typing this from one of my machine.

I'm trying to run KQemu. But, if time permits and I'm not lazy enough to try the stuff.


  1. Hmm... jadi intinya xen gak jalan yah?


  2. Bisa. Cuma, Xen versi 3 menggunakan hardware virtualization buat menjalankan HVM-nya. Makanya gw gak bisa jalanin WinXP di situ.

    Tapi tanpa VT (intel) atau Pasifica (AMD), Xen bisa menjalankan linux-linux yang lain dengan menggunakan para-virtualization, which according to FC6 lebih cepat dari pada h/w virtualization.


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