Celebration 100 Years of Azusa St.

Yeah, that is the title of the ceremony. It was held in last saturday. It was held by all (most?) Pentacostal churches including my church. I was an usher. The show was terrific, so many get healed by miracles. The preacher especially looking for the disable people, but cancers also get healed. What a marvelous day....

The funny thing is the ceremony was held in Gelora Bung Karno (Bung Karno Stadium). What the funny thing? Well, if I recall Indonesian govs wants to prepare the stadium for 2007 Asian Cup, cmiiw. So, the stadium should not be used by any show other than football match. Well, I may be wrong or PSSI are getting dumb to plan anything for atleast 6 months in advance. Ah, I may be thankful for that.

What a marvelous day.


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