Sangoma A104 on Ubuntu

OK, after I wrestled with this device, I finally admit that this is an AWESOME device. This device supports GNU/Linux and it has the driver open. Btw, Sangoma AFT A104 is a WAN card. Based on the setup, A104 can use T1 or E1. If I'm not mistaking, it support HDLC and encapsulation PPP (oe and atm). In my place, the AFT cards are used for communicating via teleconference.

My affair with the card is to connecting one node to another node (back-to-back) connection. Well, after 1 week of struggling, I've found that the cable must be cross over. DOH! So, it ran smoothly now.

How to get it run?

Just download the driver and prepare the source code of the running kernel. Yes, the AFT's driver installation is too dumb to use the available kernel headers. So, in order to install the driver and utility, you must have the source code compiled.

To have the idea of what's going on, I tried to describe how it'd done in Ubuntu box.

#1 Preparation
Install the needed packages: kernel-source (2.6), build-essential, fakeroot, kernel-package, g++, libc++, libncurses5-dev (for menuconfig). Btw, in my experience, it's better to use GCC 3.4 than to use the default one (GCC 4.x). When compiling the tools, GCC 4 will warn us about different sign used in array. GCC 4 have more strict compromise than GCC 3. I haven't test it yet, but, I think it's alright to use GCC 4 instead of 3.4 version.

#2 Compiling
Just extract and compile the kernel:

#> cp /boot/config-2.6.15-10 .config

#> MAKEFLAGS="CC=gcc-3.4" make menuconfig
[NOTE: I'm using 3.4, but 4.x is alright I guess...]
[NOTE2: This step is optional, but I use this to set something like the machine should not 486 but 686]

#> MAKEFLAGS="CC=gcc-3.4" fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --bzimage kernel_image kernel_headers
[NOTE: I don't like exposing the super user (root) too much. I use my account to compile the kernel. That's why I'm using fakeroot]

At this point, we can take a little walk or maybe meditate the mind, or we can do something else.

Argh... this is boring. Just do the the setup as in the manual and configure with wancfg and start with wanrouter.


  1. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Eh lo ngompile seluruh kernelnya ya? Mestinya kan bisa cukup modulnya doang. ntar abis diinstall tinggal dimodprobe deh ..

    tapi caranya itu gw gak tau :P

  2. Desmond11:27 AM

    cuma pinguin yang bs ngerti nih...bahasa planet apa tuh

  3. @fajran:
    gw tau pake module assistant. Tetapi, gw gag sehoki itu, setup Sangoma butuh source kernel yang ud pernah dicompile. Padahal kalo yang lainnya cuma butuh kernel header.

    makanya cuma pinguin doang yang bisa maju... -_-'


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