Knowledge Extraction

There should be layers in knowledge extraction. The problem with today's KE is they often put the K user into a situation where they are uncomfort to share their implicit K. In example, how many of you hackers out there have tricks that you want to share but failed to show many aspects that you have because you want to have your knowledge systematic? Or, how many of you that write tutorials covers all that you know and share? To sum this, I have a case example to explain each layer.

LAYER 0: Crude Information
To people in this layer, they should not be limited of how to express their thought. The type of people of this layer can write what ever in their minds. Information in this level should be in form of Q&A (questions and answers).


Questions are the basic gate to gain knowlegde. Moreover, questions sometime have hidden informations, such as what the problem occurs e.g. "I'm using X as gfx card, why can't I have MxN resolution?".

Answers are the main knowledge sharing. No further explanation needed. :))

Something that in Layer 0 is Pipermail, Forums, newsgroup, etc.

Layer 1: Initiator
Now, how people can retrieve infos from those Pipermail? Those rtfm folks often force us to dwell it untill our head is overruns with ache trying to find out where is the info. In the end, we worship google. Our idol become ineffective when it overwhelms us with answers and make the rose ripped apart.

So, we need a layer called section FAQs folk or in cool word: Initiators. People in this level are gathering the infos and anything that and try to cluster them into readable forms. The clustered infos are gathered and combined with so it could be finer.

The type of Layer 1 is FAQs and wikis.

Layer 2 and so on.
[I wanted to finish this post but, my sebelah and sebelah lagi pada maen WC ah... ikut dong...]

Ups, sorry for the interruption. For the level 2 and forth is the where people of standard KM (knowledge management). They groups, they rate for the best K for certain problems, and so on and so on. U got some of it in the lectures.... Well, if I in the mood, I'll get this info soon.


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