A New Light of Kernel

After the resignation two of my kernel heroes, Con Kolivas and Hans Reiser, I've stopped following Linux kernel changelog. The thing was, I didn't think anything special would came from the kernel and yes there wasn't. If you noticed after the lost, innovations that came from outside Linux kernel was diminished.

Before kernel 2.6.21, there was so many (alright, few maybe) kernel patches out there that grown with ideas such as Suspend from Disk, Xen, SD (was a rewrite from Staircase) scheduler, Reiser4, Memory Swappiness, and many tweaks. Hmm... I don't like to remember any of them now, because it's hurt to do it with the trolling and negative comments between devs.

Anyway, ReiserFS still my fave until now but it is getting old and old. With the avaibility of size, new technologies around and, especially, with the impression of ReiserFS is set to be deprecated I am getting anxious of its future. Of course, officially they don't but it seems like after the imprisonment of Hans, many likely thinks that ReiserFS is dead.

Oh, btw, this post is not supposed to be a rant. I will go to the point. Ahem.

Reiser4 filesystem had so many great features and the prominent thing was plugin, the ability to add new capability and to seperate core Reiser4 filesystem and extending it with new feature without breaking compability. It was a great idea, but, yeah, it broke many kernel conventions which angered the kernel devs, especially with Hans' attitude. The inclusion request was turned into flame wars.

Okay, the interesting part is now, with the prominent use of ZFS, Linux filesystem left behind. Luckily, a new filesystem which called BTRFS (B-Tree Filesystem) [WIKI] is now being actively developed. It was developed by Oracle but will be included in the Linux kernel 2.6.29. What made me interested is the part that it has Reiser4 concepts. But, hey, I didn't research that much right now.

I will wait kernel 2.6.29, buy a new harddrive, and starts to hack again. Until the time, I'll just collecting money for my new cellphone. [So depressing that the phones suggested only can be bought outside this country] :D

[WIKI] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Btrfs
[1] http://btrfs.boxacle.net/
[2] http://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Main_Page


  1. monolithic is ancient stuff. try hurd or minix hehe

  2. >>monolithic is ancient stuff. try hurd or minix hehe

    Oh please... no more "Torvalds vs Tanenbaum" debate...


  3. Now, if we can at least convert some modern hardware driver from Linux to Hurd, then I will take Hurd.

  4. gmn mo ngonvert, driver2 gituan banyak yg ga dikasi akses source. binary only

    tp lucu jg, sekarang urusan driver (even it's just binary) lebi gampang di Ubuntu daripada di windos


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