There is an irony said that bloggers put tag "blog is an intellectual property" without paying attention to what its mean. No, not that I'm saying that blogger uses pirated version of the software while typing it -- it would be interesting but I'm into that. But, because what of their saying is not foolproof.

How would you protect your blog content from being copied? How would you fight plagiarism? I'm not a lawyer, thus some of my arguments here not valid. Do not hesitate to comment, i.e. CMIIW.

First, do you license your writings?

If you don't license your writing, people can have it as a public domain. The only thing that get them not to abuse such is because of academic ethics. Still, it doesn't make your writing protected.

Second, does copyright protects you?

In some countries, yes. Many, maybe.

Third, does it matter?
.... (maybe) to be continued


  1. Anonymous6:22 PM

    mmm the term "intellectual property" itself it was created to distract people from the difference of copyright, trade mark and patent. so people will use the term "intellectual property" when they actually mean copyright, trade mark and patent.

    by using that term, people wont know the difference among three. hence, people are less educated about this issue.

  2. Anonymous9:49 PM

    I write mostly on personal rants and random thoughts. So, i don't see the need to license them.

    Go ahead. Copy them if you like.
    They're not IEEE articles, anyway.



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