Dear SEO Guru

There is a small problem, when you google "Universitas Indonesia", you would not find in the search result. From the temporary investigation, we didn't find that the domain is being banned or something like that.

Is there any reason?

On the positive note, the first result was, which is an online registration for anyone who would join UI. Anyway, to those that will take UI's exam this Sunday, have a good faith. :D


  1. ahaha.. seperti organisasinya, search resultnya pun terpecah per fakultas :D

  2. eh dulu sempet bagus. si gugel juga bikin sub kategori otomatis kaya kalo gugling "itb".

  3. @andin:
    No komen lah... :D wakakak

    Iye bener.. Tapi, setidaknya sekarang nomor 1 adalah penerimaan. :P


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