Need A New Cell Phone

My current cell phone really made me an a**hole. It hung often and died randomly. Sometimes, it even made me unreachable for days. The battery leaked and the charger was hard to find in stores. Oh, well, 5+ years of dedication according to Moore Law is justified for an infrastructure upgrade.

Okay people, I don't have a knowledge about cell phone. My Sony Ericsson Z600 is a fantastic cell phone with comfortable keypad and I hope the new one could also have the same feature. Okay, to make it fast, this is what I want from the phone:

A must:
1. Comfortable keypad to answer SMS.
2. Can imported all of my contact list.
3. Clamshell.

A desire:
1. I can run ssh it. (Okay, too much maybe?)
2. A camera. (No, actually I don't need it, am I?)
3. Bluetooth.
4. GPRS/3G. (I have IM2, so this is not really a wish)

An added value (which I am really consider and would choose):
1. Have development platform and kit. (Can hack into it?)

What would you recommend?


  1. neo free runner. (ssh and hackable)

    philosophically compatible with you :D

  2. So, what will you do to your old cell phone? Throw it to /dev/null?? :D

  3. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Um.. not a phone actually.. but Nokia N810 is an interesting alternatif.

    For your phone, you can buy a cheap one.. :D

  4. mao mesen android? :D

  5. @kusut:
    is it buyable here in Indonesia?

    Nope. That is a memory that dear to me. Anyway, will you vote /dev/null?

    I kinda follow Maemo and it's supported by Nokia now just like Qt, but we'll see. Is it Qt or Maemo that stands.



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